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Diwali Hampers

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And now that we know ho to send our Diwali hampers, lets check out this Tuesday scoop how can we make our hampers more interesting.


A lot of bakeries around the city are offering Diwali gift hampers with sinful treats. But if you are planning to send hampers outside the city you need to be a little choosy.


A hamper r with brownies, baklavas and pound cakes can be  great pick.


An assortment hamper with goodies like brownies, biscotti, cheese sticks, chocolate bars, Nutella sea salt cookies can be awesome.


Diwali Hampers


French hearts, cookies and Italian Biscotti are in trend now. From delicious Cranberry and Almond Cookies and Mixed Seed Crackers with Hummus to boozy cakes, gooey Chocolate and Mint Brownies and even a healthy version made with Amaranth and Jaggery can be good pick if planning to send the goodies within the city.


You can also plan to make a cookie hamper, a brownie box, a mixed bag or a special gluten-free box


Recently what is more trending is bunch of delicious goodies such as tea cakes, trail mixes, balsamic vinegar, chocolate chip cookies and fudgy brownies all packed in beautiful hand-woven jute bags.


You can also try making a hamper of edible and few non edible stuffs. Adding candles or diya’s for the occasion would be a great choice.


You can also add few natural oil bottles like sandalwood/ rose or even lavender etc. But ensure a good packing before you add such stuff.


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Diwali Hampers


Handmade stuff for packaging is more trending these days. You can pull up websites like pinterest, etsy- bitsy, for ideas on packaging.


You can also make use of jute baskets, decoupage trays, jute bags, ribbons etc to give you hamper an interesting look.


So now, if you already on your search engine for recipes, WAIT. And watch out this space starting next week for some great recipe that you can use for your Diwali hampers.


Until then Das Vidaniya!.


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