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Different Types Of Cake Baking Methods

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Understanding baking is a lengthy process. There are different types of baking which involve different methods. In today’s Tuesday scoop, we will see what are the different types of baking styles. Namely, there are four classic baking methods


  • Creaming Method


Creaming Method


This method mostly calls for creaming or beating of fat (butter/margarine) with sugar. The creaming or beating process leads to a change of colour and texture making the fat looks pale and fluffy. In this type of process firstly the sugar and fat are creamed/beaten together followed by the addition of all wet ingredients like egg, essence or extract and at the last stage the dry ingredients ie. Flour, baking powder and soda etc is added. This method helps to incorporate air in the bakes giving it a lighter texture.


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  • Rubbing-In Method


Rubbing-In Method


As the name suggests we rub the fat in the flour. When the butter is rubbed in, it gives a very crumbly texture. Basically, the rubbing actually helps to spread the fat evenly in the flour giving the flour a light coating which proves helpful while making bread and pastries. Alternatively if you do not wish to use your fingertips, fat can also be cut into the flour. A pastry cutter or a food processor can be used for this purpose and can thus also be called the “cutting-in method”. This method helps prevent gluten formation resulting in dense velvety crumb texture for the bakes.


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  • Hot Milk Method


Hot Milk Method


These types of recipes usually call for boiling of the fat ingredient with the liquid mentioned in the recipe i.e milk. This was earlier called the muffin method. Mostly the old fashioned cupcakes, muffins and hot milk cakes were made in this manner.


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  • Blind-Baking




A very interesting method of baking where the dough is baked for some time before adding the filling to prevent it from turning soggy. This technique is mostly used for tarts and pies where the filling has moisture content. This technique becomes more interesting since we add ceramic pie weights which help to retain the shape of the pie during the baking process. Pie-weights can be ceramic or metal beads. But you can also use rice, lentils, beans, dried peas, or any other pulses. They need to be removed just before the complete baking in order to have a brown looking crust.


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