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Dalgona Coffee – How To Make Social Media’s Trending Coffee

Namrataa Mahalley

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"Experience keeps a dear school, but fools will learn in no other. "

- Benjamin Franklin


Where people are going into self-quarantine and trying to stay safe from this deadly pandemic there is another fever that has hit the social media. And this fever is the DALGONA COFFEE ; making big news everywhere. Every alternate acquaintance of mine on Facebook and Instagram has been making Dalgona coffee at home, posting pictures and relishing it.   


This new favorite drink has originated from South Korea while there are few who claim to know this recipe since their childhood. It’s called Dalgona because the fluffy creamy coffee looks like Dalgona candy, a candy from South Korea that’s just like honeycomb toffee or sponge toffee. If I ever get a chance to rename it and make it simple for my AAM JANTA I would call it beaten coffee. 


And this trend setter has just forced me to try the recipe again after years. There are a few who are still struggling to get it correct,so I just thought of making it simple by sharing my tried and tested recipe in this week’s Tuesday scoop :-


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The Dalgona coffee basically has 2 parts: the Chilled Milk (White Portion) and the Coffee Foam (Brown Portion on Top). 


Dalgona Coffe Portion | Bulb And Key


Dalgona Coffee Ingredients :


2 Tablespoons of Coffee and Sugar each ( basically equal parts)  and 1 .5 Tablespoon of Hot water. Mix all the three together with a hand beater or whisk until light in color and foamy.  If you really wish to pipe the foam using the nozzle to give a nice looking swirl, pop it in the fridge for 2-5 mins. Meanwhile take a tall glass with some ice cubes and pour the chilled milk in it. Avoid adding sugar to the milk as the foamy coffee already has enough sugar to sweeten the milk as well. Swirl the foam on the milk using a piping bag and nozzle and try your photography skills over the trend-setter.


Dalgona-Coffee Ingredients | Bulb And Key


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But this is Aam Janta style. I always like to punch in my own Dalgona coffee ingredients to give the recipe a unique twist. So here’s my variation of Dalgona coffee :


Instead of serving plain milk I prefer adding a little bit of heavy Amul cream and vanilla essence or pod and running it down a processor or beater to give it a good mix and frothy look. This will turn the plain milk into a vanilla milkshake. You can also try out flavours like Bavarian Cream, Butterscotch, Chocolate or even Madagascar Vanilla with the foamy coffee and I can bet on this it will just blow your mind. 


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Dalgona Coffe 1 | Bulb And Key


If the recipe is available everywhere then what extra are we telling you in our scoop today? Well, the science is behind the foam. The reason the Dalgona coffee becomes so luscious and fluffy is because of the sugar. It could be any sugar, white or brown. The sugar when beaten gives it a meringue like texture, helping it to hold its shape for a while. People who are sensitive to sugar can try using stevia but remember the coffee is not going to be really foamy but just manageable with stevia. If you wish to impress your guest after the quarantine please do not make the mistake of making the Dalgona coffee in advance and popping it in the fridge. The foam won’t hold for a long time and will get mixed with the milk/ milkshake making it look like a cold coffee. 


So, experiments have no limit. Try out your way of making Dalgona coffee at home today and do tag us. Stay Safe… Stay Healthy!!!


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Namrataa Mahalley

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