[Tuesday Scoop] Buttercream Trends

  • 10 Sep 2019

    Buttercream cakes are my favourite and they just so happen to be making a big splash on the party scene with many designer finishes. The versatility and creativity available now with buttercream frosted cakes is definitely a Look for Less option as opposed to pricier fondant covered cakes. So let’s check out how we can transform these traditional cakes into designer art work by using the below fabulous techniques.


    Fault- Line-Cakes


    A simple yet amazing technique has become the hottest trend of the year. Art that just requires simple tools like cake leveller, palette knives, turntable, cake scraper, paint brush, and piping nozzles, stacked cake, tall scrapper, buttercream and fillers (Sprinkles, Flowers, Chocolate, Macrons etc.) which are easily available in any kitchen.


    There have already been so many creative interpretations of this theme from sprinkles to flowers! One of the best things about this cake trend is that it does allow for so much creativity but the basic steps for creating a fault line cake are the same. 




    Water Colour Effect


    A lovely technique that can put your left-over cream to good use. It requires buttercream in different shades which is randomly spread across the cake and then scrapped off to smudge giving it a water-colour effect. Make sure you select a proper pallet.



    Sculpture Painting  


    Difficulty level …High!!! This art work really needs a lot of patience and practice. Till date we have done a lot of flower piping using nozzles and piping bags, but this art piece is done using pallet knife. Various floral arrangements  can be sculpted.






    A chilled cake and a designer stencil is all that you need to turn a simple cake to something classy. Stenciling can completely elevate your design, and it’s my secret weapon. Planning the design is the first step. Pre-made stencils will get you decorating faster, and many offer more detailed designs than you could create on your own.


    For a custom design, make your own. Get started by printing the design on paper and then placing it under a transparent sheet  (I use OHP sheet) and cutting it as required. If you wish to work on the walls of the cake try storing the stencils in a small, round cake pan. A new stencil can take a long time to shape, but it’s worth it. Let it sit for about a week if you can, but at least try to plan for a couple of days.




    This blog contains some proven techniques in fresh, new ways. There are tutorials available online by many artists which will give you different ways of doing the same techniques, choose the one that suits you and your requirements. All techniques are equally good.


    The challenge for most of us is to rethink traditional techniques and give them a contemporary update. So looking forward to seeing some of your creations…Until then Dasvidaniya !!!


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