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All You Need To Know About Cupcake Ratios

Namrataa Mahalley

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"The only real valuable thing is intuition. "

- Albert Einstein


Have you ever wondered how a baker can create a cake recipe from scratch and know that it will work? Unlike a savory chef, who can often use intuition to design a successful dish, a baker must work within defined parameters to produce a cake that will rise, set, and taste the way she wants. Experienced cake bakers would never dream of trying to bake a cake without first “doing the math” to make sure that the ingredients are in balance. Having the right proportions of flour, eggs, sugar, and fat makes all the difference.


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Now that most of us our trying out our baking skills at home during this lock down I find so many bakers are posting their lovely bakes. Amidst those are few, who also post their failures and laugh it out loud waiting and wanting to try another recipe that would turn successful. So for this Tuesday scoop I thought of sharing my math work out that I usually do before cluttering up my work station.


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Basic Proportions for Cupackes


(All ratios are in weight(grams) and not in volume(cup/spoon)

Weight of EGGS = X

Weight of EGGS (X) multiplied by 1.5 = FLOUR = SUGAR

SUGAR = Total Weight of Liquid = Weight of Egg+ Weight of Milk

BUTTER = Weight of Eggs

Baking Powder – 5gms/150gms of FLOUR

Essence – 1 Tsp /2 Eggs Also depends of what kind of essence you are using

For Chocolate Cupcake replace 20grams of flour with COCO POWDER

Replace Half BAKING POWDER with Baking Soda

If you are adding any Nut Flour/ Nut Meal please make sure it’s as fine as all Purpose Flour and not more than 20-25% should be replaced .


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How to Use the Formula


Firstly figure out how many cupcakes you want, let’s say 12 and an average cupcake weighs around 40gms. So, 40 x 12= 480 gm . The total weight of your batter should be 480gms.

There are 4 major ingredients in any cake/cupcake recipe; Flour, Eggs, Sugar, Butter. Considering this we will now divide the total weight of batter. The total weight will be 480gms and if we divide total weight 4 ingredients used, it will be contributing 120gm each.

Now that one egg weighs around 50 gms it is ok to round off by using 2 eggs i.e. 100gms of eggs.


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Now we will try to figure out the recipe using the formula.

Eggs = 100 gms (Approx 2 Eggs)

Flour = 100 x 1.5 = 150 gms

Sugar = 150 gms( Same as Flour)

Butter = 100gms ( Same as Eggs)

Milk = 50 gms( Sugar – Eggs)

Baking Powder = 5gms /1 tsp

Essence – 5gms /1tsp or more if needed.

Hoping that the ones who read this are good at mathematics or else you know where to find me for further explanation… Until then Happy Baking


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