[Tuesday Scoop] All about the new Ruby Chocolate

All about the new Ruby Chocolate

  • 17 Sep 2019

    A true gift from nature, Ruby Chocolate has become the latest trend. It is the biggest innovation in the chocolate industry. A complete new chocolate experience, it is made from ruby coco beans. It has an intense fruity taste and characteristic pinkish colour. The fourth type in chocolate offers a totally new taste experience, which is not bitter, milky or sweet.


    Few years back our coco experts discovered some special beans which had a different taste and colour differentiating it from the other chocolates. These beans are influenced in the region which they grow. Ruby cocoa beans grow under unique climate conditions and can be found in Ecuador, Brazil or Ivory Coast. Ruby chocolate contains no berries, berry flavor or colorings. Those behind its launch say it is has a combination of berry-fruitiness and luscious smoothness.


    The curiosity about its natural colour and taste has made it the talk of the town. Ruby chocolate is recognized as the food trend of 2019. This fourth type of chocolate is the ultimate answer to chocolate lovers’ search for an exciting chocolate experience, certainly a breakthrough innovation!


    An incredibly versatile chocolate that can be used just like milk, dark and white chocolate.


    Inspite of being sensitive to light, moisture and oxygen people have come up with new, bold and unusual flavour pairings with ruby chocolate. Ruby chocolate can be paired well with spices like pepper, cinnamon, clove, ginger, herbs like rosemary, basil, mint, thyme. It also works great with berries, beers and spirits, nuts, coffee, wine and fruits.


    Till date companies were working closely on introducing this variety to the general public. Just before Mothers Day 2019, Kit Kat Canada announced the release of the ruby chocolate in Canada in a tweet. Currently in India it’s available with Barry Callebaut.


     With so much read and spoken about this natures gift, I’m yet to get my hands on this lovely innovation. Incase if you do, please feel free to share your experience on our portal.

    Until then Dasvidaniya!!!


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