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And yes, its ChristmasTime!…


A month of giving – sharing love and happiness is here. Its my favourite time of the year.  I can already hear the Christmas bells and the Santa song. And also its that time of the year when I share a lot of recipes with all .


So in today’s Tuesday scoop we will speak about the Royal Icing. A type of dessert icing which dries to a hard, glossy finish. It will be solid white when dry, unless it is coloured. This simple icing can be used for cakes, cookies, cupcakes, and a range of other baked goods, and in addition to being spread onto desserts, it can also be piped into fanciful shapes. This icing is extremely easy to make at home, and it is useful to know how to make this icing, because it is fast and extremely versatile.


There are two different recipes for royal icing. The traditional recipe uses raw egg whites, and it has been utilized for ages now . For people who are concerned about the health risks of raw eggs, an alternative recipe uses meringue powder, a pasteurized and dried egg product which behaves much like the egg whites in the finished product.  There’s also a third type of recipe which is a vegan recipe made with aquafaba these days. For people who are pure vegetarians or vegan can surely opt for this recipe. Thee days we get vegetarian meringue powder. Oh yes, you heard it right, Vegetarian Meringue Powder made with Potato starch.


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Royal Icing


Let me start with a little Background on royal icing . Why is it called Royal icing? The earliest reference to an icing made with egg whites and icing /confectioners sugar dates back to the 1600s when it was known as “egg white” icing. It was renamed Royal icing when it was used to coat and decorate Queen Victoria’s wedding cake in 1840’s and since then its new name.


Though there are many different recipes with variation in its proportion of eggs or meringue powder


I follow a very simple one .


  • Recipe




Icing Sugar – 250 Gms


Meringue Powder – 1 ½ Tbsp


Water – 4-5 Tbsp (For Soft Consistency ) and little more for flood consistency.


  • Method :




In a stand mixer bowl mix the icing sugar and meringue powder .


Use the whisk attachment and start mixing while adding the water gradually .


Run the mixer for about 5 minutes.


If the icing feels to be hard , add ½ tbsp of water to improve .


Any time you add water to the icing make sure its drop by drop.


Storage- Royal icing can be stored in the fridge in an air tight container. Ensure you do surface wrapping with cling film before refrigerate it.


An amazing medium to create wonders. Try out my recipe and do tag me with your questions.


And watch out for my next scoop where I plan to share the cookie recipe.


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