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A Deep Dive Into The Life Of A Pastry Chef

Namrataa Mahalley

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"Neither genius, fame, nor love show the greatness of the soul. Only kindness can do that. "

- Jean Lacordaire


Do you want to become a Pastry Chef? Have you ever thought about how life would be and how much would you earn after becoming one?

I have answers to all your queries!!

I often meet people who think that the life of a pastry chef is easy. Some say it’s just cooking. Dhhh…

Being in a corporate career I was of the same opinion. But the day I made a decision to shift I could feel the difference. When my friends walked over to my place in business suits carrying laptops I was busy making something. More often than ever my hands were dirty and so was my apron. I broke the myth my friends had who always thought that a chef looks clean and tidy all the time.


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Another thing people are concerned about is the pastry chef’s salary. If you are aiming to start a bakery business, it will be full of risks, but that’s the part and parcel of doing any business. Initially, work would be more and the pastry chef’s salary would be less. But if you are passionate enough for your work, you will figure it out.

Let’s face it, many of us feel just knowing about cakes makes you a pastry chef….WRONG. A pastry chef is not one who knows about cakes, there’s a long checklist that accompanies this TITLE. In today’s blog, I wish to focus on the skill, techniques, and things you need to know as a pastry chef.


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A pastry chef should have thorough knowledge about different types of cream, dough, chocolates, biscuits, sponge, techniques and all latest upcoming trends. That’s not all, the pastry chef should know about whisking, folding methods, temperatures and climatic conditions, a sound understanding of ovens and so many more things.


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Let’s have a look at a few options that will give us an idea about the study involved in being a pastry chef.

Did you know there are different types of cream as well? Vanilla Pastry Cream, Mousseline cream, Creme Diplomate, Creme Madame, Chiboust cream, bavarois and many more. How to whisk, at what temperature, should butter be added or not, at which stage, how to store, how to incorporate, which flavours to pair, does the cream spilt, if yes next what?

Even I had never thought that a pastry chef should know these many things… Imagine this is only one ingredient in the entire assembly. The industry is filled with variations about which a chef has to keep him/herself updated.


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So, starting from our next Tuesday scoop we will be doing a detailed study about each of these verticals that should be understood thoroughly for any person who aims to be a pastry chef.

So don’t forget to read out our next Tuesday Scoop as we start a detailed discussion about the first important ingredient – Flour and its types. Until then happy baking!!


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