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Embroidery Creator Sapana Gulave’s – Interview

Trishant Nimsarkar

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“Embroidery is all about patience and will power to complete the given task” – Sapana Gulave


Our background and circumstances may have influenced who we are, but we are responsible for who we become. People who are happy in life with what they do are considered winners, winners don’t blame circumstances for what they failed to achieve.


This time, we present you a story of another winner who is an ace in her deck, suppressing the pressure of undesired circumstances Sapana Gulave, an embroidery artist, believes that “if you really want to pursue something, you can’t give reasons for not doing so.”




Sapna Gulave with her machine


It all started when Sapana was doing Bsc she had this continuous inclination towards creativity in fashion, her specialization was in textiles. Along with that Sapana got indulged in an internship in embroidery to learn new stuff and replenish her skills. 




Embroidery work by Sapna Gulave


“Embroidery is a product of digitization in the initial stage and machine work comes in the secondary stage.” Therefore, she learned new techniques in embroidery in the internship she was doing along with learning the software which is used for the same, she gained enough experience and started working at the same place where she was doing an internship.


She became confident enough with the work she was doing and she started inquiry regarding where to find the machine and how to get the software, ultimately Sapana wanted to start her very own embroidery business “my family background is not solid enough to help me with investments, hence, I started on a small scale.”


Embroidered work by sapna gulave


Everything was going right in her way she was doing what she always wanted to do “I was happy that I was learning new tricks every day I found myself becoming more skilled in hand embroidery at first” Sapana loves performing embroidery on handkerchiefs, and she can do many varieties when it comes to handkerchiefs.




Embroidery work by Sapana Gulave


Sapana describes her most challenging project ever “It was about doing a cross-stitch embroidery and I had no confidence in completing the task.” she did it anyway and it turned out perfectly, it took her 6 hours to work on the software and completion of the task took 12 full hours. It was on a cushion cover and her clients loved it. 


In upcoming 5 years, Sapana wants to be known all over the state “As of right now I would like to be known all over Maharashtra for my designs in embroidery, and let’s see how it goes later on.”


Embroidered work by Sapna Gulave


She remembers her very first embroidery work, “it was good enough that my guide offered me a job straight away.”


“Bulb and Key is what my business marked it’s beginning with and we are happily working together” Sapana is a talented embroidery artist and her work is appreciated throughout her clients. And we, Bulb and Key are proud to feature such gems on our portal!


For young budding embroidery artists out there Sapana has a piece of advice for you – “If it’s fixed in your mind that you want to accomplish it, life will automatically create new opportunities, learning is the key.”


“If you have confidence in what you are doing investment and other problems fade away and fortune becomes all yours” – Mrs. Sapana Gulave




Trishant Nimsarkar

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