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Problems Faced In T-Shirt Printing Business

Dhanshree lakka

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"A really great talent finds its happiness in execution. "

- Johann Wolfgang von Goethe


Printed T-Shirts are the most common and famous choice of people around the world, they are good looking, cheap and comfortable. For example, Most of the men prefer only printed T-shirts, as a result, the T-shirt printing business has to be more creative and quality efficient, thus they face many problems. In this blog, we will see what problems are faced by T-Shirt printing businesses.  


1) Choosing an inappropriate design


inapproprite design


The first impression is the last impression, Design plays an important role in t-shirts as it is the first thing which the end-user sees and makes a decision according to that. Most T-shirt businesses face this problem which in result decreases their profit, growth and overall goodwill hence choosing the right design is way important for the T-shirt business. For example, small squares or triangles look better when they are small in size as compared to standard size.


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2) Size of design

 size of design


Undersize, oversize or perfectly fit are some of the options available to the user. One size can not be fit to all so one should acknowledge size before designing the t-shirts and every size should be available for the user. This can be termed as one of the biggest problems of the T-shirt businesses. Mainly oversize is always a trend.


3) Placement of design is inappropriate


placement of design


Placement of design can be considered an important aspect while printing or designing the T-shirt.  Determined measurements should be taken before printing the designs or images. Blueprints or digital view of the image that will be printed are some of the steps which should be followed before actually printing it on a T-shirt as this will help to know the worth of design on the T-shirt.


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4) Image quality is not good


image quality


The most common problems faced by T-shirt businesses are custom T-shirts with better image quality. Sometimes images are of low quality, have visible artifacts or do not have enough pixels to have a good quality image on the T-shirts. Providing a good quality image on a T-shirt is one of the important tasks of any T-shirt business. 

A good image should be 200dpi or higher at full size.


5) Typography & Fonts




Typography is one of the most basic forms of visual writing on T-shirts. Typography is not the word but the tool used for printing or displaying the text.

This tool will help you to make your product look attractive with the choice of font or design. Choosing the type of design and font can say about you and your choices so having good taste would help the business to have a boon. 


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The T-shirt printing business has its own demand in the market but to satisfy the demand businesses face many problems like choosing the design, size, quality, and Typography & fonts. In conclusion, this blog explains all these problems which businesses face and how to deal with them, the blog has described solutions to it. This blog is best for people who plan for a T-Shirt printing Business.


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Dhanshree lakka

Story By:

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