Doting Mother Turned Professional Baker – Vaishnavi Shares Her Journey With Us

Neha Deshpande

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"No man was ever wise by chance. "

- Seneca


“It’s amazing and rewarding to discover you can be a part of others’ celebrations”. – Vaishnavi Iyer Choudhary


When you bring a child into this world it becomes your world. There are many things any parent would do to get a smile on their child’s face like buying them things they like and which child doesn’t like yummy cakes and cookies. This is what made Vaishnavi a mompreneur and her journey of spreading sweetness in the form of cakes began. She started baking for her daughter, her family and friends loved it. She extended her horizons and started baking for family and friends too. With the amazing feedback from everyone she started her own baking business!



It was quite a challenge shifting from her 9 to 6 HR department job to full-time baking, but with relentless support from her family it was all possible. Her family has been her backbone from the very beginning as they solely believed in her and encouraged her dreams. Her daughter being the most supportive of all has always been understanding of her mother’s busy schedule as it may take 7 to 8 hours to bake gorgeous cakes. She tells her friends proudly that her mother makes very beautiful cakes!


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When Vaishnavi was asked which was her best baking experience she immediately said all the cakes she made for her daughter are close to her heart. She could experiment freely with those cakes but the unicorn cake she made is her personal favourite.




Vaishnavi’s cakes are showstoppers in almost every event, she has customers for whom she has baked for years in a row. For some of the customers she has baked from their engagement to their baby shower to the baby’s first birthday. It is an amazing experience to bake for generations. It’s a great accomplishment, isn’t it? 



All of these amazing skills she has learnt are mostly from lessons she has taken from Youtube channels and read online. She has learnt to bake perfect cakes on the job, through experience and years of practice. Baking came very easily to her as she is a born artist! She was a painter since her childhood. She also had keen interest in craft like clay modelling! Well practical knowledge does serve better than plain theory. With the help of this practical knowledge she has started her own cake studio called Avi’s cake studio and has made it a huge success in the city of Hyderabad!


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This success truly gave Vaishnavi a chance to have her own identity as she is her own boss in this venture and is very happy with her work. She has learnt the magic of bringing smiles to people’s faces with her art. This art has bought her very loyal, long-term customers for whom she bakes cakes on their special occasions.



Some orders Vaishnavi gets are planned and some aren’t but it is very difficult to say no to her loyal customers. That’s why it is Vaishnavi’s goal to have her own team and start her own franchise in a few years as it gets stressful with the list of orders that she gets.


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Vaishnavi continues to inspire many budding bakers and mompreneurs, and her advice to them would be to find something they are passionate about and keep tremendously interested in it. Take your steps at your own pace and keep on learning in this beautiful baking world as talent, hard work and commitment makes its own path to success is what she tells us.


Neha Deshpande

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