"When you discover your mission, you will feel its demand. It will fill you with enthusiasm and a burning desire to get to work on it. "

- W. Clement Stone


“Never give up, because, in entrepreneurship, every day is a new journey.” – Riya Vyas


An artist who says she was never inclined towards the corporate job and who always saw herself as a ‘boss lady’, Riya Vyas is a young, bubbly entrepreneur who’s jewellery business Nakhro is nothing short of beautiful and quirky pieces of handmade jewellery. 


While studying fashion designing in IIFT Bangalore, Riya developed an interest in jewellery designing, which was one of her subjects. She shares, “I used to make jewellery for my friends, cousins and family members. After my graduation, I did my Masters in Fashion Management from NIFT Jodhpur post which I worked as a fashion designer at a Delhi-based studio. Then I started my own garment designing business, moved to Bangalore but due to various issues, I decided to discontinue that and instead pursue another passion that could sustain even at a later stage. As fabric embroidery art and resin art had always intrigued me, I finally started my jewellery business, got really good response and feedback from my customers and here we are today!”. 


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Further explaining the interesting name she chose for her business, she says, “Nakhro means attitude and me being a Gujarathi girl, I wanted to keep a name that would reflect our culture. It sounds so vibrant and depicts all the things women need – clothes, jewellery, accessories, make-up and all that jazz. Also, if in the future I want to venture into other things like apparel, then this name would apply to that as well, I won’t have to change it.” Smart choice, we say!


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Switching from fashion to jewellery designing wasn’t easy for Riya initially and she has had her moments of doubt. But the idea of learning something new every day and seeing the amazing rapport she had built with her existing clients in the fashion world, made her stick to her decision. 


Nakhro ‘s USP is “keepsake jewellery” which basically means choosing an object of sentimental value and embedding it into a piece of jewellery by preserving it in resin. Which gives the customer that special piece of jewellery that will last forever! What more could you want? According to Riya, the whole concept behind Nakhro is preserving something that is dearest to you. 


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This highly skilled artist has been getting a great response right from her fashion designing days and counts Irfan Pathan’s family as one of her big clients. In the future, she wants to explore the home decor sector and do more resin art. “I am trying out many different things right now and I am really excited to expand my business. I dream of having my own studio where I can design garments, jewellery and also conduct workshops and educate people who are interested in this art.” 


When asked about her advice for budding entrepreneurs, she says, “Never give up because when you’re starting something of your own, every day is a new journey. Work hard, smile and keep exploring – you never know what ideas you may stumble upon. Just go on.” 


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