The Very Talented Reema Gopalan Took The Unconventional Path By Quitting Her Fancy MNC Job And Choosing Gardening As Her Career

Reema Gopal

  • 20 Dec 2019

    Mark Zuckerberg once said, “In a world that’s changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.” 


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    Reema Gopalan was already working in an MNC and her life was quite sorted in terms of career. Then in September 2015, she started gardening as her hobby and very soon it became her passion. She just loved spending time with trees, flowers and growing fruits and vegetables. Within a year, her dedication and passion for gardening got to another level and she began to think about quitting her full-time MNC job.


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    It’s a tough decision to make whether to pursue something you are passionate about or just continue doing the monotonous work for the sake of job security. But Reema chose to take the risk and decided that she will pursue a career in gardening. She calls her garden as Reema’s garden’. Reema wanted to share her gardening experiences with the world. So, she started blogging about it and thought of conducting her very first gardening workshop.


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    Reema says, “I was so nervous about my first workshop. I keep on experimenting a lot and had made so many gardening mistakes. I thought I would be a mess at the workshop and won’t be able to teach properly. But to my surprise, the workshop went so smooth. The most fun part was the Q/A session. I answered all their questions and the answers were spontaneous. I got such lovely feedback. This workshop restored my belief in my work and made me sure that I should take my love and passion for gardening further.”


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    Remembering her challenging experiences, she says, “Initially I was happy doing freelancing by writing gardening blogs. I also started an NGO but it didn’t work. But till then I have made up my mind that whatever it takes, I will invest all my time and effort for gardening work.”


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    Reema explains that gardening is a vast field and you need to choose your area of interest. She is more into organic gardening and has not explored much about other types of gardening like chemical gardening etc.  She keeps on reading and researching new things about organic gardening. In her workshops, Reema offers different levels of gardening course – beginner, intermediate, expert.


    If you have the support of your family and friends, it really encourages you to take risks and explore yourself in life. Reema too had got a lot of support from her family especially her mother and husband. And also Reema believes that don’t be afraid of doing mistakes. They ultimately help you make your craft better. 


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    Gardening is a profession where you experiment a lot and not really know much about the results. The only way to be in love with this profession is to start enjoying its process. 


    Also, Reema says, “ I have realised that one should hire a place for gardening. Like any other profession, you need a space to work and explore. It gives a sense of commitment and motivates you to go to work daily.”




    Reema’s advice for the budding homepreneurs is that whatever you do in life, you will always fall short. So, just keep pushing your limits and try new things. It’s obviously challenging but gives you a great sense of satisfaction which we all look for in the end. 


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