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The Journey of Jewellery Entrepreneur Chetna Gujar

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“The jewelry business as an industry is a great place to work in, but it is only worthwhile if you personally connect with it.” – Chetna Gujar


In today’s world, customers tend to lean towards artificial pieces more as they give off the same finesse that comes with gold jewelry but without causing huge holes in the wearer’s pocket. They are easier to carry to events and good quality artificial pieces leave an impression.


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Laxmi Pearls, a family-owned business that has been around for almost 23 years specializes in making customized artificial jewelry. It is founded and run by the Gujar family. Chetna Gujar gives insights on her side of the journey, “Our family already had an ancestral business that dealt with gold jewelry, but I think that now artificial jewelry has gained a stronger customer base and is more relevant to people today” adds Chetna, this approach was what initiated the journey of Laxmi Pearls.


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“Having experience on the job is very important, it is imperative to know each and everything about the business; what the customers need, what trends are in the market, what goes into the whole process of making and styling jewelry” adds Chetna, she has been very versatile in her approach and has always had a knack for searching for new trends and working on new creative pieces. “Being aware is also an important aspect of being in the business; you should be aware of all the ongoing trends surrounding western and ethnic jewelry” adds Chetna.


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Initially, Laxmi Pearls started off with very little marketing, they didn’t necessarily have a marketing strategy. They kicked off their business with a single store at the start. “We banked completely on the quality and different appeal of our products as we are one of the very few businesses that make fully customized jewellery” adds Chetna. Laxmi Pearls caters towards every little aspect that their customer requires, using quality stones and making tailor-made pieces that are one of a kind.


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Slowly but surely their customer base grew wider as people started falling in love with the quality and service they provide. “Once people took the initial leap of faith in us, we made sure they came back for more. There is a lot of heart that goes into our business, not just the product but we also want our customers to feel a connection with us, we try to make them feel at home and comfortable at all times” adds Chetna.


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Laxmi Pearls has been in business for 23 years now and has cemented a strong foundation in the market. Chetna strongly believes in constantly learning and evolving. She adds, “Apart from the internet, my biggest creative inspirations are my customers. I get inspired by the clothes they bring in for the jewelry they require. I love putting creative spins to their outfits by mixing traditional and modern styles together and giving them a unique touch to their outfits through our jewelry, which I think makes our business stand out from the crowd .”


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Due to the age of digitalization and the new internet culture, an online presence has made a difference for Laxmi Pearls. It acts as a mode of advertising but Chetna still believes in the organic form of business. “Jewellery is something one chooses in real-time. It needs to feel and look good on you for you to decide whether to buy it or not. This cannot be done online“ adds Chetna.


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When asked to give advice to budding entrepreneurs who aspire to build their own jewelry business, Chetna strongly believes that one should have a passion for what they do. “The jewelry business as an industry is a great place to work in, but it is only worthwhile if you personally connect with it. This way it goes beyond just financial gain, you develop connections and a love for the art of making and selling jewelry” she adds.  


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