"Excellence is not a skill. It is an attitude. "

- Ralph Marston


“Everyone must work, but for many of us that job isn’t just a paycheck, it’s an opportunity to express ourselves and make something better.” – Urvi Zaveri


From homemaker to a top baker who also conducts baking classes, the multi-tasking superwoman Urvi Zaveri is the master baker of ‘Urvi’s Creamy Creations’. Based in Gujarat, her baking business is fast becoming the talk of the town. From delicious theme-based cakes to stunning floral creations, Urvi does it all. One look at her Instagram page and you’ll know what we’re talking about! 


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Talking about her baking journey, she says, “I started baking 6 years ago. It was a passion of mine since childhood and I was very interested in how cakes are made. Then one fine day when I was cooking and surfing through the net , I got inspired and decided to start my own baking business. I got my first order from my sister and that’s how it all began.”


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Urvi began her baking business due to some financial issues, but once she did, there was no looking back and everything fell into place. She says, “People started liking and appreciating my work and that’s what encouraged me to take more orders and increase my business.” 


Over the span of 6 years, this skilled cake artist has baked more than 1000 cakes! The way she manages her work-life balance is commendable. “I was working as a school teacher previously but last year I quit my job and then started my business. Things were not easy but I have a very supportive family so it was still manageable. At times it is difficult to balance everything, but I am trying my best.”, says Urvi. 


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As in any other business, Urvi faces some challenges with hers too. She says, “Sometimes certain clients can be quite demanding, especially when they place their orders too close to the day of their event. Though I haven’t faced too many challenges, it does get difficult to manage everything due to the time crunch. But overall I am fortunate to have supportive clients who are quite understanding of this fact so they give me enough time to work.” 


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In the baking industry, copying of designs and creations by competitors is quite common. Sharing her opinion on this, Urvi says, “It is something inevitable and you cannot do anything about it. After all, people can copy your cakes but they cannot take your creativity and your thought process away from you. Though it’s definitely a sad part of this industry, you have to learn to live with it.” This is indeed true. 


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In the next five years, Urvi wants to have a large-scale baking business. She says, “Whenever people look at my cakes, they should be able to tell it’s been made by Urvi Zaveri. That is my dream. I aspire to be one of the top-most bakers of India and want to be internationally recognized too!”  Well, we hope with all our hearts that Urvi is able to achieve her dreams and wish her all the best!


“Success is not final, failure is not fatal. It is the courage to continue that counts.” – Urvi Zaveri


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