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The Story Of Embroidery Artist Vibha Kshirsagar Who Makes A New Way For Herself

Aparna Jaiswal

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"Smile, breathe, and go slowly."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


Our life is defined by the choices we make. These choices make a lot of difference. Some people tend towards the path that everyone is following and doesn’t want to take more risks. While on the other hand there are people who set a new path for themselves and become different from others. It depends on the individual what they want to do in their lives. 


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Embroidery Artist Vibha Kshirsagar always wanted to create her own path. She is a Masters in textile designing. She wanted to start a business of her own and also want to train the students. Vibha says, “I have learnt the theoretical part in my masters but wanted to know how it is done practically. I started going to a manufacturing unit and saw how work is done there. I used to observe a lot and learn.”


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Textile industry is really vast and Vibha wanted to figure out which vertical would suit her the best. After considering a lot of other options, she finally decided that she would pursue making Embroidery designs. Vibha says, “Every women need different types of embroidered clothes in their wardrobe. Be it chikankari, phulkari, kanch work embroidered clothes have been an all-time favourite for the women in India and abroad. I started visiting different places to see how it is done differently in different places.”


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Talking about her first client she says, “My first client is still my client and a good friend. I have got a material that is used in South India for her dress and had done North Indian style embroidery work on it. It was an experiment but the client loved it. She still comes to me for her orders. I experiment a lot with my work. But there are both sides to it, sometimes the client doesn’t like the fabric, designs so I always believe in taking feedbacks from my clients. It helps me to improve.”


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Recalling her best experience, she says, “When I receive good compliments from the mentors of the industry, I feel my work is validated. I literally mess up with machine sometimes but I have to give credits to them for always encouraging and appreciating me.”

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The most challenging experience was once my client got fabric for her lehenga and the design she wanted on it was very difficult to make on that fabric. And also the budget was going high. To complete this order was a big challenge but I was able to complete it and eventually the client was satisfied. This was a huge learning experience for me and also a morale-boosting one. 


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In the coming time, I want to expand my business and reach to more and more people. And the advice I would like to give to everyone willing to enter this creative business is that “Doing business is a 24*7 job. And those are really passionate should only enter this field because it takes a lot of hard work.”


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Vibha says, “My work for me is my life. The people at my work is my family. For me, my work is my right brain and real family is my left brain. I need both to survive.”


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It is very important that you should be passionate about the work you do. Otherwise, you will get bored very easily. Any business requires a lot of your time and energy so it is important that remain passionate for your work.


Aparna Jaiswal

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