"Develop an attitude of gratitude, and give thanks for everything that happens to you, knowing that every step forward is a step toward achieving something bigger and better than your current situation. "

- Brian Tracy


“The idea was to help people enjoy the process of making something”. – Misha Gurnanee Gudibanda


The one benefit of creativity is that you can’t use it up, the more you use, the more you have. Misha Gurnanee Gudibanda and Amit Gudibanda are two experts in making DIY kits and founders of Sky Goodies. They decided to use their creativity for the greater good and started the mission to spread the happiness of craft making.


Misha and Amit are both graduates of the National Institute of Design and owned a design company called Sky Design, a multi-disciplinary design firm that offered design solutions in branding, print, product design, websites, online and mobile applications. They dropped this well functioning company and started their own venture called Sky Goodies which has been a huge success.




Sky Goodies made their first products which were mini DIY mini paper rickshaws and DIY Colorful Mini Suitcases. The first products itself were a huge hit. Misha and Amit, later on, collaborated with clients like Hot Wheels, Barbie and National Geographic channel for special merchandise as well. Sky Goodies also make custom products for customers who have special requirements. 


Sky Goodies orignal


Misha’s has enjoyed this DIY kit business since day one. She says she loves it as there are no business calls all day long and very little stress. This shift in business was a very well-thought-out decision but wasn’t planned for a long time. There is a lot of work-satisfaction for Misha in Sky Goodies.


Every one of Sky Goodies products from the DIY envelopes to the DIY calendars have received a great response from the customers. Every DIY kit includes the paper sheets which are to be assembled with the instructions in a pictorial manner and a final cover sheet of how the product should ideally look like. Misha’s own stress buster is the DIY educational papercraft kit of endangered wildlife series which are miniature animals.




sky goodies Products


Sky Goodies started in a little shop in the office of Sky Design as they thought a physical store where people can choose what to buy is much more satisfying for the customers and can yield more profit. Now Sky Goodies has its own shop in prime cities in India like Delhi, Mumbai, Bengaluru and many more.


Sky Goodies is a venture started back in the day where the concept of DIY was not popular so Misha and Amit had to promote the very concept of DIY before they advertised about the company. This was one of the biggest challenges faced by both of them.




Sky Goodies


The next goal of Sky Goodies is to expand their enterprise and get more products into the market for customers. The DIY kits will be more complex and more engaging. Another goal they have set is to get into the international market and make a presence out of India.


As the owner of an enterprise as big as Sky Goodies Misha would advise the budding entrepreneurs to have a clear mind and have a planned out blue print. Make sure the product or service you have to offer has a good market value and gives the customers what they want.




Neha Deshpande

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