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Self-Taught Chocolatier – Riddhi Mehta Shares Her Journey With Us!

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"Wishes can be your best avenue of getting what you want when you turn wishes into action. Action moves your wish to the forefront from thought to reality. "

- Byron Pulsifer


“In everything you do you have to take a risk”. – Riddhi Mehta


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. This is a very famous saying with a lot of truth value. Riddhi Mehta is a person who always believed in her dreams and is a multitasking pro. She is a freelancing interior designer who also spreads love with the sweetness of chocolates.


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Riddhi started her journey after her twelfth standard when she attended a chocolate making course. After she completed the course she started experimenting with different flavours of chocolate by herself and with the help of informative channels on Youtube. She used to make bouquets of chocolate and gradually specialised in chocolates only.


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Every event is incomplete without the sweetness of chocolates. Riddhi realised this and made it her mission to deliver chocolates and bring smiles to everyone’s faces. Bringing smiles to everyone’s faces was done for the first time in a bulk order for a birthday party which weighed 11 kilos of chocolate and what a success it was!


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Being a chocolate maker and having the skill of making such a huge amount of it in one go requires an amazing taste for it to be memorable and to get return orders. To make every chocolate Riddhi has experimented a lot and her specialty is the chilli chocolates with actual chilli flakes in it. The spice really balances the taste complimenting the sweetness of chocolate.


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Amazing taste in a variety of chocolates is something she has accomplished but not stopping at that she presents them in an attractive manner as well. Riddhi’s edible firecrackers are a hit every Diwali. They look exactly like firecrackers from the outside but are filled with chocolate from the inside. She sells these chocolates in bulk orders to corporate offices as well as for personal orders in special events.


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Riddhi’s next goal is to have her own shop of chocolates which has been designed by her with her skills of interior design. Her art makes houses, as well as chocolates, look beautiful and flawless. Her efforts have been fruitful and show the difference that there are some people who live in a dream world, and there are some who face reality, and then there people like Riddhi who turn one into the other.


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