Self Taught Artistic Baker – Aishwarya Asher Shares Her Story With Us

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"If one does not know to which port is sailing, no wind is favorable. "

- Seneca


“Be very individual, bring your own personality and creativity in your job and you won’t be working anymore as you will enjoy it as it is very gratifying”. – Aishwarya Asher


Your profession is what you’re paid for, but your calling is what you’re made for. How lucky is a person whose profession is their calling. There is no greater gift you can give or receive than to honor your calling. It is why you were born and what will make you truly alive. Aishwarya Asher, a graduate in animation but now a full-time baker honored her calling and made it her profession. 


Aishwarya cake 1 | Bulb And Key


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Aishwarya is a self-taught baker. She started her own baking business when she was 21 years old. Learning as she experimented Aishwarya never attended any professional classes. Through her in-born baking skills, she has aced it by all means. 


Baking skills are a must but the unconditional support from her family and friends was the cherry on the cake. To achieve her goals, she, her family members and friends brought together the requirements she needed for her to start her own business


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She gives credit to her family culture. Her mother, who is a self-taught artist and is very good at painting and craft. Aishwarya’s color combination skills come from her mother, she says. Her father too is a self-improvised teacher who spent nights trying to give the best to his students. This makes her believe in teaching herself as much as she can and in being the best version of herself.


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As she tries to be the best version of herself each day she makes better and better personalised cakes with every order. Aishwarya asks relevant questions to her clients to give them the best cakes. She really tries to understand her clients requirement and delivers nothing but the best.


For example, Aishwarya’s first professional client was her friend’s sister to reflect on the client’s personality she wanted to show a free and independent personality. Aishwarya baked a simple chocolate cake in the shape of a butterfly to depict the free personality that she wanted to.


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Aishwarya connects with all her cakes on a personal level. She believes that she is honored to be a part of other people’s special occasions and celebrations. This is the reason why she tries to take her creation one step ahead and makes sure it is a fun experience for the client. 


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Aishwarya plans on continuing to make every cake a memorable experience for her client and bring smiles to people’s faces. Her next goal is to open her own outlet and share the sweetness of her cakes with as many people as she can. Aishwarya is a young cake baker and would like to explore the field of baking as much as she can.


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