Saee Tushar, A Clay Artist And Unfold Her Success Story

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  • 18 Mar 2020

    “Listen to your heart and follow your passion. Be consistent and keep going. Remember to keep some life hacks handy while you chase your dreams.” – Saee Tushar 


    From simple keychain to nameplates, she has been creating everything from clay. Being a graduate in Applied Arts and a Graphic Designer from the past ten years, she always wanted to do 3D designs and make sculptures. She knew that a desk job is not her thing.


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    Saee Tushar caketopper 1 | Bulb And Key


    She started with polymer clay but found it’s availability a concern, especially in India. The polymer clay was very new at that time, and it was exported from the U.S. 


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    Saee Tushar caketopper 2 | Bulb And Key


    But, today, she has been working with clay for the past five years. She manufactures jewelry, cake topper, keychain, miniatures, food magnet, nameplates, etc. 


    She found the best part about selling her products is that she can customize for everyone irrespective of age and gender. From creating four nameplates to creating miniatures of superheroes like batman and superman, she has been really successful in her work. 


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    She finds her inspiration from the innocent kids, who also appreciate her work.


    Saee Tushar Nameplate 2 | Bulb And Key


    To sum up her journey, it was a roller coaster ride for her. She had her share of struggles and challenges. But she overcame all with a big smile and passion in her heart. 


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