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“Do something that you’re good at. There’s a place for everybody in this world so keep the competition healthy, work on your strengths and be original in your work.” – Deeba Rajpal


Learning and pursuing your passion is a lifelong process. There’s no age bar for gaining knowledge. If there is one person who follows this to the T then it’s none other than famed food blogger and stylist Deeba Rajpal. With a plethora of delicious cakes and recipes under her belt, Deeba is also a food writer and recipe developer. Just one look at her Instagram page and website will blow your mind and make you want to taste her tempting food! The delectable cakes she bakes are unmatched – so are her food styling and photography skills.


Deeba Rajpal's Eggless Chocolate Blueberry Cake


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“My journey into baking began when I was in school. I come from an Armed Forces background so at that time, baking was a big part of our lives. We’ve always had an oven at home so I used to bake birthday cakes for my friends in school. Later I worked in British Airways for about 8 years so I did not have the time to pursue baking or cooking any more. Post marriage, after I left my job, I got plenty of time to get back to baking. My husband got me a digital camera and around the same time I discovered the magic of blogs so that was when my baking career really took off.” says Deeba. 


Deeba's Cake


Instagram has proven to be a superb platform for budding artists and photographers. It is no different for Deeba Rajpal, who has a loyal fan base including celebrated chefs, thanks to the spectacular photos she has taken of her dishes. As more and more people started to take notice of her food photography and styling skills, bigger projects began coming her way. One such project was with Saffola Fit Foodie and Michelin star chef Vikas Khanna. She has also cooked, shot and styled for one of Vikas’s cookbook called ‘My First Kitchen’.  


Brownie by Deeba Rajpal


Talking about her own recipes, she shares, “I’ve had plenty of failures. I’m not a technical person so I don’t think about the science behind anything. I’m pretty much intuitive – I know that if a cake fails then I’ll make something out of it the next day. I believe in using good quality ingredients and I don’t mind telling people that I’ve upcycled. As to my favourite ingredient, it is coffee because it wakes me up and makes me feel happy. I also love working 


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with different types of chocolates. I have been approached to write a book on chocolate cakes and desserts, hopefully it will be out before the end of this year!” 


Deeba Rajpal beautifully manages both her career as well as her family life. “My family is very supportive. They are also brutally honest when it comes to feedback on my dishes. I have enjoyed my previous career as much as I love my current one, so there is no pressure. I take each day as it comes and work from home, looking after my family and dogs.” she says.



Apart from working on her own blog Passionate About Baking, this superwoman has also collaborated with well known brands like Quaker Oats, Chumbak, Philips India, etc. and continues to do so. Says Deeba, “I always collaborate with brands that I believe in and those which I know will add some value to the people who stop by my page, in one way or the other. For example, in my collaboration with Cadbury Silk, I wanted to work with them because as a child I loved the chocolate and now I knew that I could work with it to create a variety of desserts. It’s all worth it in the end when I see my readers recreating that simple hot chocolate; it makes me very happy. I’m not a purist, I believe in indulging oneself.”


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For her amazing styling and photography, Deeba draws inspiration from nature, colours, and the internet. She is absolutely enjoying her work and this passion completely reflects in her stunning creations. “I take each day as it comes. I haven’t set any goals for my work. I just go where life takes me!” 



Deeba’s simple advice for aspiring homepreneurs, bloggers and stylists is to find their own niche. “Do something that you’re good at – not something that everybody else is doing. Remember that there is a place for everybody in this world, so don’t worry and keep the competition healthy. Find out what your strength is and work on that rather than emulating others. And more importantly – respect copyright, click good pictures and always put out your best work!” she signs off. 


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