"The future is an opaque mirror. Anyone who tries to look into it sees nothing but the dim outlines of an old and worried face. "

- Jim Bishop


Noora is a founder of Little Maker. Little Maker is the page on Instagram on papercraft artists. 


Noora is a typical middle society girl who belongs to the orthodox family background. She was very ambitious and wanted to make a good career like others. When she started crafting business, she was terrified and tense about what society said. 


Initially, when she started her business, she did not tell anyone about the page because she felt that her family might not support her. And on the contrary, they supported and helped her. They turned her weaknesses into strength and boosted her confidence. 


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Read more about her to know how she struggled from her insecurities and turned her passion into her business.  


Noora completed her Bsc. in Interior Designing from Al Salama College of Interior Designing at Kozhikode in Kerala.


When she got admission to college, then she realized what she wanted to do. Everyone in the college supported her, and it makes her feel good. 


Whenever she got free time in college, she wanted to do something of her own. Hence she started her search. She found a lot of artists and also thought of other successful women. 

She researched a lot and realized she could also do it. She never attended any LIVE classes, and she also thought that she doesn’t want to trouble her parents. 


After a lot of research, Noora created her own Instagram page. Initially, she was not so sure, but she thought of giving it a try and named the page ‘Little Maker.’ 


Paper Craft 1 | Bulb And Key


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Initially, she created a scrapbook, and she posted on Instagram to which she got a good response from others.


After that, she got a customized order from Instagram for a wedding anniversary wall framework. She was very stressed and doubted herself.


When she decided, she did not know how to turn this into a business. She believes that crafting is her passion, and in her free time, she learned to craft. It helped her to improve her work and posted it on Instagram. She got good feedback from her social media, and many people also enquired about the customization. 


Slowly, she started taking orders from Kerala and International as well. 


Paper Craft 4 | Bulb And Key


She got an order from a client, and she was quite skeptical about it, her client had full faith in her. She told her client that she is nervous and that it is her first customized work. On it, the client said to her that take your time and complete it. 


With the client’s patience and confidence in her, she completed her work well. 


Noora also posted on Instagram and got good feedback. To that day, she owes a lot to her first client. She believed that it is the result of confidence; the client had on her. 


Apart from the clients inspiring her, she is also inspired by a lot of articles and other crafter and designers


She plans to make her brand and own a design team. There are a lot of crafters, and many of them do not have real knowledge. 


Paper Craft 2 | Bulb And Key


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Today, she is selling the material in a small way and gets a lot of positive feedback on social media. She believes that material is only available in very few places in our country and whatever is available is not of good quality. And that is why she feels that starting her design team will be helpful to budding entrepreneurs. 


Noora’s advice to budding entrepreneurs is to focus on their ambitions and learn valuable lessons from life. She feels that one should start his/her own business when they are studying. She started doing craft as one of her creations. That helped her concentrate on her studies as well as gaining attention from people. She feels that no one should get compared since everyone’s journey is different


Paper Craft 3 | Bulb And Key


Noora strongly feels that to make a business successful, it takes a lot of time. She always has faith in Him. She felt that He gave her the power to overcome her insecurities. 

People laughed at her and her ambition, but her family supported her so much that she overcame her unassertiveness and made her business a successful model. 


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