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"The important thing is this: to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become. "

- Charles Dubois


The Doodle Desk is focused on the art of spreading joy using illustrations and giving a positive message. The company wants to improve mental health and uplifting the happiness of the world.  


Bhavya Doshi is a Masters of Business Administration graduate. Her role model was her father, and she feels that he was the kindest man. He was a doctor who always used to help others. She wanted to do the same. She wants to spread happiness and joy in the world. 


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Doodling was always a part of her childhood, and she has not stopped from there. After working in a corporate world, she realized that she is more inclined towards art. It has always been a happy place for her, and she took it up as a profession. 


She gave up on her well-paying job when her parents passed away. It was a difficult time for her, and she was making random doodles in her journal. And that’s when her husband and mother-in-law saw and pushed her to create one doodle every day. It worked like a therapy for her. She also used to read positive things and create art that helped her cope with the wrong phase in her life. She wanted to share the same feeling with the world. 


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It has been a couple of years that she posted art on Instagram. But, the whole idea of spreading positivity along with colorful doodles is a recent affair. 


The doodles are born with an inspirational thought behind them. They are kept minimalistic and straightforward. Since they do not require any language or script, that is why she was able to connect with anyone in the world. 


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Bhavya began with designing the wedding invites for a friend in her early days. It was a set of 5 cards with a colorful and quirky touch to it. It was designing a logo and brand manual for another friend. 


Bhavya’s biggest challenge is to find a balance between being a human being and an influencer. She received a lot of messages, some were full of gratitude, and some opposed her. But, with a strong commitment, she replies to all messages and creates doodle to spread positivity. 




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Bhavya is working on a doodle-based happy look with inspiring stories on how to deal with day-to-day challenges and anxieties. She also wants to be a part of the mental health/happiness curriculum in all possible schools. 


Currently, Bhavya is working on building an online community for like-minded, people with problems, and for people who are willing to help and share. It’s easier to share one’s thoughts and feelings without the fear of being judged. She has 2000+ volunteers and believes that non-judgemental society is the need of the hour. 


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And, well, for the next five years, she believes in keeping some surprises for her well-wishers and followers. 


Her only piece of advice is to do what you love and what you always wanted to do. It is essential to follow your heart when you want to follow your passion. 

Be consistent in whatever you do and always visualize your highest self. 


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