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Meet The Super Talented Fashion Cake Stylist And Cake Engineer Ranjana Yadav

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"What we think, we become. "

- Buddha


“Follow your heart and believe in your creativity. Have patience and faith in yourself, the rest will fall into place on its own.” – Ranjana Yadav


Have you ever thought of your dress being replicated onto your birthday cake? Well, Gurgaon based  ‘cake engineer’ Ranjana Yadav does exactly that. This certified baker specializes in unique, stacked dress cakes and big ‘Table Cakes’ and believes that in any art form, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder and creativity is in the hands of the artist. 


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Fashion has always inspired Ranjana and baking has been her passion since many years. An engineer by profession, she has previously worked in the I.T sector and would frequently travel between Germany and India. “Due to the constant travelling, it became hard for me to manage my work as well as my two sons so I decided to quit my job. I am from Mumbai and have travelled extensively so my fashion sense was increasing by leaps and bounds everyday! So I got the idea of combining my love for baking and fashion.” 


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“I had the idea of starting The Cake Dress for three years. I used to bake for my family members on their birthdays and would always make cakes that matched their outfits. I used to get a lot of appreciation from them, especially from the ladies. They would feel very special. So I thought it was the right time to turn my craft into a business, and since my kids were grown up, I could finally do so. I launched my baking studio last year.” 


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Ideas keep flowing into this skilled baker’s mind who also draws inspiration from celebrity fashion and brings her ideas to life. Ask her about the challenges she faces in her work and she says, “Everytime I see a dress I can just turn it into a cake and that’s what defines my work. Even though four different people will view a single dress in four different ways, I have my own standard way of making my cakes and I stick to it. I make sure to match the cake’s colours and designs with the actual dress as much as possible. I also believe in symmetry as it’s more pleasing to the eyes. So there are not many challenges as such because in any art form, it’s always the artist’s or designer’s call on how to make their creations. They have the freedom of expression. “ 


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Ranjana makes a variety of cakes for her customers. Whether it’s a simple tiered floral cake or more elaborate, glamorous dress cakes, she does it all with perfection. Her Sabyasachi cake is one of the most popular and beloved cakes and has been viral on social media too. As of now, she is the only one who makes dress cakes in India! While she only takes limited orders, her plan in the coming years is to establish herself in this extremely niche category of baking. 


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While baking is such a fun, creative field, Ranjana has an important piece of advice for all aspiring bakers, “Since in baking there’s always some new technique coming up, you have to keep yourself updated. For me, I believe I have learnt more through practice and common sense. So keep learning through practice. Follow your heart, work hard and trust the process, let the rest unfold on its own.”


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