"To be beautiful means to be yourself. You don’t need to be accepted by others. You need to accept yourself."

- Thich Nhat Hanh


Sonia is a post-graduate in Science background, and she loves experimenting. Initially, she served as a teacher, and later she worked for ten years for corporate. 


In 2015, she left her corporate job and pondered what she will  do, moving ahead. She realized that she was not meant for it and wanted to do something else. 


In 2015, Sonia’s son had a huge inclination towards eating baked items, but Sonia was concerned about the preservatives and chemicals used in the market. And it was her quest to give him healthy bakeries that are free from preservatives and harmful chemicals. 


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When she gave a thought, it ticked her, and she intended not to let children eat outside cakes. So, she decided to bake cakes at home using healthy ingredients. 


And that is how it started. She has the vision of giving a healthy diet to the child. And hence, she started taking the workshop across India – offline and online courses. Since she was a teacher, the baking trainer worked very well for her. 


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In 2019, she had given a 30-Day Baking Challenge, a marathon of 30 days. About 500 people participated in the marathon and learned 30 different baking recipes and lessons. It was a unique concept, and the participants were also rewarded. 


Sonia offers an autonomous certificate course, and she has trained 2000 people so far. She knew that to learn a skill, participants will spend money and time, and they will also travel to learn it. The key to motivating people is that she supports them and encourages them constantly. She tries to understand them and stand with them throughout their learning process. She motivates her participants to try and experiment. 


While Sonia was teaching, she saw a tremendous change, and that was 30-40% of participants have already started their home baking business before completing their course. 




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Besides this, Sonia and her team also want to start a 30-days home baker challenge, which will have essential recipes of the home baking business. She will be teaching how to build a business from scratch


Sonia believes that the industry is full of beautiful people, and she was inspired by a few people like Saransh Goila and Yuvraj Singh. She was inspired by the way they have contributed to the industry. 


She is a multitasker and is proud to be driven by a purpose. She has a vision of changing the mindset of people that baking is not a tough skill. She wants to help more and more people achieve success in the food industry. From 2500 people, she wants to help 2,50,000 people. 




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She has four messages for women who want to start home bakery business – 


  • Convert your desire into action. 
  • Be consistent in whatever you do. 
  • Stop dreaming of becoming rich overnight 
  • Hard work is the only key to success. 


She has a trusted learning platform that serves a worldwide community of food entrepreneurs. They help people in taking action towards their goals by providing best-in-class educational content and training experiences. 


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