Meet Mrs. Reena Bino, Lace Knitting artist from Goa, India


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"As our case is new, we must think and act anew. "

- Abraham Lincoln


Knitting is a method by which yarn is manipulated to create a textile or fabric; it is used in many types of garments. Read the story of Mrs. Reena Bino on how she is an inspiration to millions of girls out there who are trying to achieve their passion.

“Nature is my inspiration and I like leaves a lot. I think they represent new growth and opportunities.”

Reena started learning the art of knitting from her mother at the age of 8. And since then it has been a continuous journey of learning new stitches, trying new things and writing new patterns.

She is known by the brand name as Nivita Knits. The word ‘Nivita’ in Nivita Knits represents creativity. Her brand Nivita Knits has the most exclusive, unique and creative hand knitted products. For her knitting is very close to her heart and is a conduit for creativity. 


Her brand Nivita Knits has the most exclusive, unique and creative hand knitted products. Nivita Knits has creatively designed items that will enhance the imagination of home lovers and enriches the beauty of the product.


All the products at Nivita Knits are hand knitted by her with a set of five double pointed needles with cotton thread. “Each individual pattern has its own persona, creativity at its best and an identity of its own. I have put a lot of effort in creating every single piece.” – Quoted by Reena. 


Niveta knits


She has worked on knit with wooden, steel, aluminium, and bamboo needles and the needle size ranges from 0.1 mm and upto 15 mm, depending on the thread and pattern. She has worked on over 250+ knitting designs and she keeps adding more patterns.

As of now she is working from home and all her orders have been through Instagram and WhatsApp. With the help of so many people, she has received appreciation and her work has travelled to many homes in different countries especially her hand knitted Christmas decor.

She does not have a working team and her brand is a one woman show, who is into writing the patterns, designing, knitting, packaging, and managing social media.


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Niveta Knits


She has a vast portfolio which includes Hand knitted doilies (table mats), Hand Knitted Doily baskets, Hand knitted earrings, Hand knitted appliques, Hand Knitted Baby booties, Hand knitted Christmas decor, Cushion Covers with Knitted Doilies, Doily Frames etc.

She also writes stories and articles on whatever inspires her. She likes to do photography in her free time and likes to learn a new art. She also endorses herself in Glass Painting and Metal Embossing.

She strongly believes that India needs a lot of women entrepreneurs. She is in favor that India has a lot of hidden talent which is unexplored. Being a big admirer of women who excel in their life, who keep dreaming and strive to make their dreams come true.

Niveta knits


Always have a positive attitude, big dreams and a big vision. Do your work with passion and everything else just follows. Trust the Universe.


“I am a knitter of my passion and my dreams just the way I knit Doilies. A strong believer in God, I believe in myself, my work and my dreams.” – Reena Bino 


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