Meet This Extremely Talented Delhi University Alumna Anupriya Pandey Who Made A Career Out Of Calligraphy And Doodling

Anupriya Pandey

  • 8 Jan 2020

    Art is a great means of expressing your thoughts and feelings. When every other thing fails at giving you peace and a sense of liberation in life, your art form is the saviour. Your art helps you to deal with everything in life. And how wonderful is that some people can bring out a career from the things you do just randomly? 


    Everyone scribbles and doodles at the back of their notebooks when sitting idle in a classroom or at home. What’s a big deal about it? Well, the young and talented girl Anupriya Pandey, an alumna of Delhi University who actually made out a successful career as a calligraphy and doodling artist. She makes all her creations under her label named ‘Snaptales’.


    Self love Doodle


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    Anupriya says, she was no different and often used to doodle on her sheets. And when she was in school, she learnt a lot of things like a watercolour painting, making portraits and calligraphy. Calligraphy has a special place in her heart. Whenever she used to feel sad or nervous, she used to do calligraphy. It helped to keep her mind calm. 


    The calligraphy and doodling artist says, she never restricts herself from learning new things. She knows resin art, floral art but teaching calligraphy and doodling is something she pursues as her profession for now.


    Doodle workshop by Anupriya


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    Reminiscing her childhood memories, Anupriya says, she wanted to become a teacher when she was in School. She used to teach her cousins who were the same age or younger than her. She thinks everyone needs a teacher to guide the right path. However, it was just her childhood fascination but has always stayed with her. To her coincidence, her birthday falls on September 5 which is celebrated as Teacher’s Day. Many years later now, she teaches calligraphy and doodling to the people and is very happy that her childhood dream of becoming a teacher has finally come true. 


    Doodle art


    Anupriya says, “I have to give the credit of my success to my family and especially my brother. He was the one who motivated and guided me all the time. This year I am celebrating 3 years of Snaptales. My first ever workshop was in my school where I had been called on a paid basis. Around 40 students participated in the workshop and I couldn’t have got a better place to take my first workshop. It’s so ironical that I am teaching calligraphy and doodling in the school that introduced me with it. There was no looking back after that and  I continued taking workshops at Delhi and a lot of other places.”


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    Remembering her best experience, Anupriya says, “Calligraphy is not just about writing, there are many applications of calligraphy. It is used for decorating cakes and also a lot of graphic designers use it. People from the corporate world want to learn doodling and calligraphy as it helps in their work and also some pursue it as their hobby. One of my friends who is a dietician wanted to learn to doodle so that she can design her own diet charts.”


    Anupriya teaching doodling


    Anupriya doesn’t think much about the future. She is a passionate learner and this thing has got her to this place in her life. But one thing she has in her mind is to work for NGOs. She says that people at that ground has a lot of creativity in them, but lack opportunities. This is her resolution for 2020 to help these people get independent.


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    Anupriya deals with negativity in a positive way. She says, “Every person has their own choice. Some will like my work while some don’t. I take all the feedback very positively. I just have one goal of keeping my audience engaged and motivated through my work. Obviously, there are days when you are low and feel all the negative energy around you, but these are the days that teaches you to be strong in life.”


    Anupriya doing doodle


    Always remember you can do anything and everything in life if you have faith in yourself and has the determination to not give up, no matter how worse the situation becomes. This is the only key to success in life.


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