Koel Chaudhary, Founder of Nyasta Design Studio and Inspiration to Many.

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"Through perseverance many people win success out of what seemed destined to be certain failure. "

- Benjamin Disraeli


“Design adds value faster than it adds costs.” — Joel Spolsky Design is said to be a science of art. Design is taught as a course in almost all universities in India. There are many students eager to learn this art. The most fascinating part of this field is that no two people will come up with the same design. It is true that the more you use your creativity the more you will have.


To prove this statement we would like to introduce you to, Koel Chaudhary a former student of fashion designing from Ahmedabad. She has work experience from a production unit in Ahmedabad itself. After getting married in 2015, she shifted from Ahmedabad to Pune city. After about a year she and husband welcomed a baby boy in their lives. During this phase in her life, she realized that there wasn’t a wide variety of well-priced baby feeding clothes for women. All the feeding clothes for women were not easily available or they were overpriced. Koel wanted a solution to this problem. She and her husband went to Ahmedabad to speak to a few local vendors. After a little research, they bought fabrics from Ahmedabad to Pune.




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Koel started stitching sample dresses with the sewing machine that her mother had gifted. She started a design studio called Nyasta which means ‘creativity at its best’. Gradually, with apps such as PULA, she started posting these samples. It took a month for her to get her first order, as people started to get to know of this initiative Koel had taken it started getting appreciated. She took to making good, fitting dresses as well with the great response that she got. She focused on the quality of the fabric and the design. She made garments that she, herself would like to wear and experimented on herself.


Koel is known for giving the client clothes with the perfect fitting and at an affordable price. As the orders increased she started requiring more manpower. Her hunt for skilled women who were in the need for a job began. She realised many women worked hard but weren’t paid enough for it. She hired one woman at first and gave her training on and technicalities and taught her how she wanted the garments to be stitched.


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As time went by she got more orders she expanded her horizons and hired a few more women who were hard-working but didn’t get paid enough. With the rise in the workforce, she decided to shift from her home to a more spacious space. Her team which included her supportive husband Sandeep Nag and enthusiastic women moved into a rented apartment. Later, Koel also applied for a business loan to scale up her business.


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Today her entire enterprise is made 100% of hard-working and dedicated women. The orders she receives aren’t only from Pune or even India, her business has reached an international level today. Her next goal is to hire more skilled women who require a well-paid job.


Lastly, for the budding entrepreneurs, Koel believes that with the perfect mix of good educational background, a unique idea and will power you can scale heights.


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