"Do not be embarrassed by your mistakes. Nothing can teach us better than our understanding of them. This is one of the best ways of self-education."

- Thomas Carlyle


“I enjoy making hand-made products because it allows me to explore my creative side. I don’t prefer recreating something that is already available in the market. I love creating a product that is innovative, unique and out of the box by using my own creativity as it gives me immense joy and happiness.” Simranjeet Kaur


Young creator Simranjeet Kaur has always been passionate about crafts and has started a home-based business named ‘Handmadeluve’. As a college girl, Simranjeet has always enjoyed making various craft items.




As a teenager she was always fond of making greeting cards, photo albums, photo collages for family occasions. She started posting photos of these craft items on her personal groups. This gave her a good break as she started getting orders from her family and friends for making various craft items. She did not charge anyone for these orders, instead went shopping with them to buy the materials required to make the craft items. She was appreciated for her work and many people suggested that she should start doing craftwork professionally.


Red colored craft


This gave rise to her home-based business ‘Handmadeluve’. Until this point of time, she was only promoting her work on personal groups, but she realized that in order to grow her business, it was necessary to make more and more people know about it. So she created a separate page of her business on various social media platforms that increased her number of customers.


Talking about her first client, Simranjeet got an order for making a photo bouquet for her friend who was her first client. For the first time, she was making it, so Simranjeet was a bit nervous and so she put in a lot of effort and made a beautiful photo bouquet. She also posted pictures of this photo bouquet on her social media pages that caught the attention of people. Through this, she got her second order for making a photo album. Using her imagination and creativity, she made the photo album by incorporating hand-made bows and decorative flowers. This work of hers received a lot of appreciation and love. This motivated her to put in hard work and grow her business.




Floral Jewelry


Two years back, Simranjeet participated in the Kala Gali exhibition that gave a lot of recognition to her business. She registered under the craft category and made items like dreamcatchers, greeting cards, and other hand-made products for the exhibition. Renowned artists were present in the exhibition who complimented Simranjeet’s work. She got an excellence award at Kala Gali for her craftwork. Simranjeet regards this as one of her best experiences that she will cherish for life.


Creative footwear


In the recent years, floral designs have become a trend and are an integral part of weddings. One of Simranjeet’s friend was getting married and wanted to wear floral jewellery for the wedding functions. So this friend asked Simranjeet to make it for her. She had never made anything like this before and therefore found it very challenging.


Recollecting this challenging experience she says, “I worked day and night for this order, tried creating various designs, saw different videos and finally made elegant floral jewellery for my friend’s wedding. I was praised for the designs and also started getting orders for floral jewellery. This created a great impact on my business.”




floral kaleeras


Wearing Kaleeras is a mandatory part of Punjabi weddings. So she has started making floral kaleeras too. She has collaborated with make-up artists who organize wedding shoots for which she makes floral jewellery designs, floral kaleeras and latkans. Recently she has started making explosion boxes. She has also registered in famous social media groups that have a large number of followers where she keeps posting her work.


In the next few years Simranjeet is planning to expand her business. She wants to have a proper team as it will help to increase the number of orders and also reach out to more number of people.


kaleeras pink


Simranjeet shares a piece of advice to budding entrepreneurs by saying, “For any home-based business to succeed, it is important to be patient. You cannot be monotonous, so always try to come up with new ideas. There are always obstacles, but don’t let it affect your confidence. If your goal is clear and the right steps are taken towards it, you will definitely achieve success.”


Simranjeet is surely a source of inspiration to all those who want to start a home-based business and make their passion into a successful career.


“In order to complete difficult tasks, it is essential to figure out how to initiate it.” Simranjeet Kaur




Shruti Swaminathan

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