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Aditi Garware – Read Her Journey From A Lawyer To Baker


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"Take no thought of who is right or wrong or who is better than. Be not for or against. "

- Bruce Lee


Aditi Garware has combined her childhood creative interest in art and love for food to be a baker today. She is a lawyer who gave up her legal profession to nurture her artistic soul. 


Being from a law school, Aditi Garware is not only a home-based bakery but a designer boutique that personalizes cakes, cupcakes, edible sculpted sugar art, cookies, chocolates, and more.  


Her story began when she was in a corporate job. She always felt that a 9-5 job is not meant for her, and it was quite a black and white life for her. She resigned from her corporate job and joined Teach for India. She was supposed to join the same within three months. 


She had three months in her hand, and she decided to follow her hobby of baking. She wanted to explore new things in her time, so she started watching a lot of videos on cakes and cupcakes.  

She always knew that she would love to create something creative and unique. 


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She started baking cakes for parties. Initially, she struggled with how to do pricing of the cake and what is the cost of baking. So, she used to bake the cake and give it for free. 


When people started calling her and appreciated her work, then she decided to take it as full time, since she was enjoying it. And her parents could see her enjoying her work, and that is where she travelled to Mumbai to do some courses on baking, to take her passion forward. 


Once she came back from Mumbai, she started baking every day and got a few orders as well. 


Now by this time, her three months were also over, and she was quite skeptical about joining Teach for India. She consulted her parents about the same and decided to give it a shot. 

And from that point, there has been no looking back. She has been continuously growing.  


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Initially, she started with a cupcake, and now she can make birthday cakes and cupcakes as well. 


While she was growing, she faced the challenge of creating a birthday cake of a 1-year-old baby girl as big as equivalent to her height. She was not sure how it would work, but it went well. From there onwards, she has been creating every birthday cake for that baby girl. 


She feels that technique and knowledge is very important. A baker must do his/her research well. She spoke to her mentors and worked with a lot of international chefs. 


She also got an opportunity to work with Robert Haynes, who is a god of sugar flowers. 



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She defines Sweet Boutique as a master of wedding cakes, birthday cakes, rotating cakes, anti-gravity cakes, and LED lights inside cakes. They can customize everything, say font, flavour, filling inside the cake, and design. 


In 5 years, she wants to build her studio, impart knowledge to bakers, train home bakers, and empower women. 


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She wants to advise budding entrepreneurs not to give up on your passion and industry more flourishing. She believes that consistency and hard work is the only key to success. 


Be honest towards your passion, and success will follow you!


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