Types of Planners to Get You Geared Up for 2020

Types of planner

  • 18 Dec 2019

    Change is inevitable, coping with it is mandatory. With the start of a new year and a new decade, it is time for resolutions and setting goals. What better way to streamline all your thoughts and track all your goals and achievements with a fun planner. Contrary to popular belief, planners are very versatile, customizable and fit for anyone who wants to get on track.


    Planners can be personalized to cater to your every requirement, everything from managing finances to setting a diet chart. There are a few types of planners you can work on that comply with your goals, such as:


    Traditional Daily Planners


    Traditional planner


    As they say, Rome wasn’t built in a day. Planning and executing goals take time. To make things easier, it’s always a good idea to organize your day to day tasks. This can be done through a classic daily planner, where you can break down your tasks and goals to fit daily, weekly and monthly time frames. These planners help you cruise toward your targets bit by bit, helping you execute them efficiently.


    Financial Tracking Planners


    financial planner


    Have you ever wondered where all your money just flows away? Tracking and managing finances can prove to be a tricky task, but financial planners ease your struggles. Financial planners provide dedicated sections where you can log in your expenses, track your bills and achieve your financial goals.


    Fitness and Lifestyle Planners


    Fitness and lifestyle planner


    Keeping fit can be a daunting task, as all weight loss and fitness regimes tend to fade away in the background after a certain period of time. A fitness planner will act as a reminder for your goals and help you create diet plans and keep track of your exercise schedule.


    To-Do List Planners


    To do list planner


    To-do lists are a perfect way to remind yourself of tasks that have a deadline or are supposed to be done at a certain priority. Managing time can be very hard and daunting. Compressing daily tasks in the form of a list helps in executing them more efficiently, as this way you are less likely to leave anything behind.


    Custom Bullet Journal Planners


    Custom bullet planner


    If you are a person that likes doing things your way, a bullet journal might just become your new best friend! Let your creative side shine with this blank canvas. You can easily customize a bullet journal with all the things you personally need, you can also style the journal as you please. Make your own templates include different aspects that cater to you personally.


    Keeping a planner or a journal is an aid to personal growth. It gives you direction and a platform to focus on your goals. So start this new year with a fresh page, write your way to growth and success with these planners!


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