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Types of pens which should be included in office stationery

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Pens are an essential element of every office. If you closely observe, you would be needing different types of pens at different corners of the office every day. You rely on pens so very much that you cannot even guess how would it be like to not have pens around. Office stationery must include the types of pens that shall help you with anything and everything that you need to do. Let’s have a sneak peek at the list of pens that should be included in the office stationery.


  • Ball-point pens


Ball-point pens


Having a set of fine ball-point pens in an office space is imperative. It is something that you would need every now and then; for yourself and for your staff too. Ballpoint pens come in a huge variety. Usually, soft feel retractable ballpoint pens are the most preferred ones; yet the one with the cap is also very famous. Also, you do not have to settle for anything less because there are these luxury ballpoint pens available too.


Apart from that, you may also want to include a pack of multifunction pen 5 in 1. These pens have five different colors of inks that can be used as needed. In some cases, the multifunctional pens also have an attached pen drive or a screen pointer.


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  • Roller Ball-pens


Roller Ball-pens


Compared to ballpoint pens, rollerball pens give a smoother writing experience. Because the ink in more fluid and comes in royal shades, the refillable rollerball pens are very famous. These pens are next to inexpensive and are very durable and sturdy. Companies like Sheafer, Lamy, Pierre Cardin, etc. provide the best rollerball pens in India.


  • Fountain Pens


Fountain Pens


Although the fountain pens invented in Rome are outstanding, the Indian fountain pens are great too. These days, fountain pens are for passionate people like writers, writing artists, and thinkers, etc. Fountain pens give a creative edge to your profession due to its unique writing experience, style, and of course quality. Out of many varieties in the market, Cross fountain pens are exclusive and amazing. Believe me, fountain pens can never ever make you unhappy!


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  • Marker pens


Marker pens


Markers are of many types depending upon the purpose. Whiteboard markers come in 4 to 6 standard colors which are a must-have of your conference and meeting rooms. These colored marker pens can be refilled, are very handy and durable. Another variety is that of permanent marker pens. You would need it usually for naming objects in your office. How could I forget the highlighter marker pens that you would need to highlight sentences and words while you would read/study a research paper or a book?


  • Gel Pens


Gel Pens


Gel pens have a smooth water-based ink. This makes them more wanted and popular. Brilliant writing coupled with durability enables different writing styles and illustrations. You may consider having a set of blue colored gel pens for your office staff because it being more preferred. If you have a variety of people working in creative fields for you, you can also keep sets of best-colored gel pens.


While all the above types of pens should be a part of your stationery list, make sure, you select good brands and efficient nibs or points. Equally important is to select soft-grip pens because that actually helps you in the long run.


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