Types of Notebooks in Stationery That Will Help You Get Organized


Types of Notebooks in Stationery That Will Help You Get Organized

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Isn’t it true that we often find ourselves caught up in a confused state of mind and do not know what we are up to? We even do not know how to proceed and what’s the way out to have a clearer thought process. Do you remember school times when our teachers asked us to write a diary every evening? Did you know what was it for? It was to make our cluttered minds a bit lighter so that we could have a good sleep and an amazing next rising day. With time we grew up, we got busy with studies and jobs. With it, the tensions and worries rose and we had more mess to handle without a way out. Not only in our personal lives but also in our professional lives, some conventional methods still bring magic to our lives. Just like our childhood personal diaries! Here’s an amazing list of amazing notebooks that can make wonders in your personal and professional life for the kind of form each of them has. 


  • Basics Notebook


Basics Notebook


The basic notebook covers almost all the drawbacks of a standard notebook. It has a dedicated monthly and a weekly calendar with a section for daily goals setting. Along with it, it also has, two elastics to highlight where you left last and a space to hold your pen. It is a perfect notebook to have on your office desk for it has a really flat design which makes it handy. 


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  • Bullet Journal Notebook


Bullet Journal Notebook


A bullet journal notebook, without a second thought, makes its user more organized. The design of this notebook is based on four principles namely- Topics, page numbers, sentences, and bullets. The trick is to craft your index really really well! Believe me, once you get used to the system that the best bullet journal proposes you would never want to switch to anything else!


  • Rocket book smart notebook


Rocket book smart notebook


Everything has an advantage and a disadvantage. How about handshaking the advantages of the two things you need in your life? Rocketbook notebook brings you the advantages of the tech world and that of the conventional one. You can pen down the notes on the notebook whenever he/she wish to and later transfer it to the cloud. With this, now there’s no worry about losing your notebook. Another good news is that rocket book reusable notebook waves a goodbye to scrap, and invites multiple revisions to your notes.


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  • Spark Notebook


monthly goals,


Remember that strict trainer in your gym who keeps a track of every grain you consumed. Spark notebook is the same. It has sections for monthly goals, weekly plans, and so on. All you have to do is, fill in the details; the rest will be taken care of by the spark notebook. There’s no way that you can quit or ignore what you had planned for yourself. A step forward, you may also use a spark-notebook docker.


  • Daily Passion planner


Daily Passion planner


It is a set of goal-based planner sheets; it also has monthly, weekly, and daily planning sheets. The best part is that each weekly section has a space for daily tasks and each daily section has half hour planning slots. You can write your daily personal & professional goals and to-do lists in just one place! You can find a few best passion planners online or at a nearby stationery store.


  • Self-Journal Planner


self journal


The basic theme of the self-journal planner is setting up quarterly targets (3 months targets or goals). Any best self-journal planner in the market gives a very efficient layout for the three month’s goal setting, with a further breaking down of action items like monthly goals, tasks, successes, failures, and lessons learned. Most professionals in the corporate world prefer to use a self-journal planner. 


  • Business Meeting Notebooks


Business Meeting Notebooks


The best meeting notebooks in the market promote the core idea of taking organized notes during business meetings. For the user to resist the urge of scribbling around, the notebook pages are each divided into three sections namely- Title, notes, and action. This notebook indeed is a valuable asset when it comes to staying organized at work!


We are all grown-ups who are well-aware of our own strengths and weaknesses. What matters at the end of the day is, how we win over our weaknesses and become more organized and productive. Considering it, bring home your work-organizer from the above-mentioned list and see the miracles happening!


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