Tips for Choosing Crockery For Food Photography

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I have read and also believe that there are no rules for food photography, but I wish to share some tips that will help you with good clicks. When it comes to food photography one of the most important that we often get confused with is the “Crockery”


So here are few tips when it comes to crockery choosing for a photoshoot.


  • Go Plain. Go, White


White crockery


The few times I have tried to use colored crockery in the beginning when I was learning photography it was an outright disaster! If you are not good at color pairing or schemes best option is to go white and choose crockery that plain and white so that the food pops out.


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  • Smooth Surfaces




Plates with no ridges, smooth surfaces are the best when it comes to food photography.


It’s difficult to capture good clicks at initial sate is the plates have ridges or lips.


  • Shallow the better




Shallow bowls and plates are easier to style than deep ones because there is a higher surface to height ratio. Plus to fill a shallow plate you need lesser quantity which works perfect if you are taking trials and there some scope to go wrong.


  • Props


props with the main crockery


Try and use props with the main crockery. Spoon, fork, spectacles, book, a glass full of milk or juice etc… These props give a lovely lifestyle feel to the pic. Especially if paired with a piece of fabric (Satin or jute).


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  • Capture ½ or ¾




Well this is not much of a tip but I feel that it helps. Try to capture only ½ or ¾ of the plate along with an empty space of the table or wall.


  • Low Shoot.. Low Ridge


low ridge.


If you are taking a low angel, make sure the crockery that you use has a low ridge.


  • Metal, Wood , Glass


Metal, Wood , Glass


Try to use combination crockery made with different material. I have recently added cast iron crockery to my collection. It goes well with traditional items


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  • Paper




My recent discovery was that paper is also an excellent alternative to crockery. For photography you can try using crumpled paper. Parchment paper, butter paper, brown paper, tissue paper can be used greatly.


  • Matte Crockery


Matte Crockery


I was not a very big fan of matte crockery initially cause if failed to understand its usage. Here I am referring to the earthenware crockery that light does not reflect harshly off. These can be paired very well with food item which are nude in shade. This helps to give the picture a soft look.


So, here you go with my tips of choosing crockery. Make sure you try them next time. Don’t wait for a special dish to be prepared but start practicing it with your daily cooks too.


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