Six Common Food Photography Mistakes and How to Fix Them

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A foodie. A photographer. Is that what makes you a food photographer. An enthusiastic-passionate food photographer!


If it was in recent times that you have started your food photography business, you might want to draw your attention to these six common photography mistakes that you might be committing unknowingly. Check it out and overcome it in the right away!


  • Wrong Usage of Lights


Bad Use OF Lights


Every form of photography is highly dependent on the study of the usage of lights. Food photography lighting plays an extremely important role when it comes to developing expertise in the field of food photography or restaurant photography. While you might always prefer to use natural lights, what’s your take when it’s the night time? Ignorance of using artificial lights in food photos is actually causing you a lot of pain during photography and editing both. For the best food photography, you must try to use both natural as well as artificial lighting as per requirement.


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  • Wrong Backgrounds


Wrong Backgrounds


Too ordinary or too fancy are both wrong choices to opt for food photography backgrounds. Instead of selecting some random wall in the background, why not select something naturally suitable! Like a portrait background of a lush green tree while capturing a dish full of red berries! Think from the brain of the lenses that you hold in your hands. Please it as much as you can!


  • Wrong Focus


Wrong Focus


‘Focus’ in photography is the art of sharpness and blurring before you click. Food photography is about what you want to highlight the most. Without a second thought- its the beauty of the food. However, as a food photographer, you must be keen on how much part of a particular food when highlighted would look astonishing. Shooting lower (wider) than f/5.6 for any composition of food would be inappropriate in most cases. Not enough of the subject will be in focus otherwise. In clicking food photos, the objective of photography is to show off the food and make it look as relishing as possible. Needless to say, this purpose will remain unfulfilled if most of your subject is blurry.


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  • Incorrect setting of photography lamp sides


Incorrect setting of photography lamp sides


Have you unknowingly developed a style of clicking photographs in front light? Just because it’s common, doesn’t make it any creative. Consider using front lighting, side lighting, back lighting and observe the difference in the efficiency. To learn and know what works and what doesn’t it is imperative that you keep doing hands-on food photography.


  • Shooting when the dish is served


Shooting when the dish is served


As you see the social media flooded with photographs of beautifully garnished food plates, there is a misconception amongst the newbie food photographers or restaurant photographers that food photography is done only when the dish is served for eating. Well, it’s too late to do that, since you have already missed a bundle of opportunities of lovely shots. Start when the ingredients are prepared and poured and when they change forms. Say cheese? Cheese cubes to melted cheese to the cheese that has elasticity!! Wow.. would you not like to capture that cheesy journey?


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  • Using the right props for photography for wrong subjects


Using the right props for photography for wrong subjects


The selection of the right props is as important as every other aspect explained above. Make sure you are matching the shades of food and the prop, the texture of the prop if put inappropriate with respect to the food that is featured, it might spoil the whole game! Another thing that ruins your art is the excessive use of antique props. Old cane baskets, bronze cups, and artistic spoons to feature a cup of coffee might not be a clever choice.


Hope that these food photography mistakes that we highlighted and tried to sort have helped the beginners to polish their art further. All the best!!

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