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Do you remember the days when clicking a good photograph was a tedious task? But now are the days when it’s as easy as a child’s play. There is absolutely no need to have a professional fancy camera or expensive editing software. Today, without serious investment of time, money, and energy you can have fabulous pictures clicked anytime and anywhere. Thanks to our mobile phones! Almost all of us own a good quality mobile phone which comes with fairly good free editing software. Having a photo of your dreams is just so easy today. Isn’t it? Do you wish to bring more art out of your mobile? Keep scrolling to check how.




  1. Fix the basics right


Fix the basics right | bulb and key


Our mobile phone is our best friend. It is with us on the desk, in the bathroom, on the lunch table, in the pocket, and in fact everywhere wherever we are during our day. Being as busy as us makes its camera lenses unclean. They are covered with dirt, dust, fingerprints, and food. These dirty lenses leave spots on your photographs and sometimes also make it blur and unclear. To click clear pictures on phone it is mandatory to have a crystal clear and clean camera lens. So, before you stretch your arms to click a photograph with your mobile, make sure you clean the lenses for crystal clear photos.




  1. Use grid-lines to balance your shot


Use grid-lines to balance your shot | bulb and key


Using this camera feature on your mobile can take your mobile photography to another level. The camera gridlines superimpose a series of lines on the screen that are based on the theory of ‘Rule of Thirds’. According to this theory, an image when broken down into thirds, vertically and horizontally, can place points of interest of your photography in the intersection or along the lines. Gridlines in the camera dramatically balance and level your photography naturally. You can find this feature in- camera setting- grid. 


  1. Set your camera’s focus


Set your camera’s focus | bulb and key


These days, setting the camera focus isn’t a manual process, it is automatically done by your mobile device on the foreground of your frame. But it is important to understand that, not every picture you wish to click has a subject. At such times, clicking on the area where you want your camera lenses to focus is essential. This habit of focusing your camera helps you, especially when you are trying to click when an object in your photography is in motion. With this camera feature in place, you are in a position to click some high-quality photos for yourself. 




  1. Invest for Stability


Invest for Stability | bulb and key


Shaken, blur images aren’t rare in your photo gallery, isn’t it? In spite of all the high-end features in today’s mobile phones to capture brilliant pictures, steady shots have always been challenging. Capturing steady shots, shooting for a longer run becomes difficult and leads to disturbances and destruction of the photograph efficiency. Click photographs on your mobile phone without shaking them needs a little investment. You must try using phone stabilizers and also give a thought to buying a mobile tripod.


  1. Master the art of photo editing


Master the art of photo editing | bulb and key


Your motive behind clicking pictures on your mobile phone may vary. But, one thing would remain sure that your pictures must be compelling. To achieve this, it needs high-end editing of your photographs. With the technology becoming the backbone of the world today, these photo editing apps are inexpensive and just a click away. Using these photo editor app for mobile is not only handy but is also extremely efficient and give a different emotion to your picture. You can have them downloaded for free from the internet. Mastering the skills on photo editing app is easy and helpful.


So, why don’t you pull out your mobile phone and try applying all these tips at once while you click the object that is just next to you?

Cheers to mobile photography!




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