How to Use Point of View to Improve Your Photos

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"Stay away from what might have been and look at what will be."

- Marsha Petrie Sue


Haven’t we all come across this dictionary meaning of point of view? We sure have. It has a big deal in the field of photography. Because, at the end of the day, what makes a photographer better than his/her colleagues and competitors is the use of point of view in photography.


If you are a newbie, it’s going to be like that one big chocolate bar you had found in the childhood game- treasure hunt, which you were extremely happy about!


And if you are a whiz in the field of photography, this article would just remind you of something you might have forgotten in your extremely charming career.


So, let’s begin…


  • The panoramic view


The panoramic view


What if an eagle had a camera while flying high right above The Niagara Falls? What a fascinating idea! But, oh, how paradoxical! How about you playing the eagle’s role? It would be such a thrill to watch and capture The Niagara Falls from the top. The way it is alluring to you, so will it be to your audience. By capturing pictures from the panoramic view or the bird’s eye view, you are giving a highly exciting experience to your audience. Your audience tends to feel themselves at the place while they see the broader view of sight. This is one of the best photography ideas for clicking famous locations across the globe to enhance their beauties.


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  • Stand in the Subject’s shoes


Stand in the Subject’s shoes


This point of view is necessarily the most important one. Let me tell you why- Have you ever seen a photograph in which a guy is eating a delicious cheesy pizza? What happened when you saw it? I am sure, all you wanted to do is, to taste that flavoursome piece of pizza. That’s the knack the photographer used on you by standing in your shoes. Clicking photographs from such a view that they become extraordinarily appealing. It is a very important aspect of almost all the photography projects you would ever come across. May your point of view be such that the viewer actually feels what you felt while clicking it!


  • The ‘You and Me’ view


eye-level point of view


Today, every other person out there is a photographer. But, what makes them different from you is the professionalism of the field. I am not a professional photographer and so I would click photos of humans, foods, and sceneries from my eye level, all in the same fashion. But you are different from me, aren’t you? Using the eye-level point of view with strange objects can make your photography special than mine. While I would keep clicking objects from the front view, you should probably think of looking into the snake’s eyes through the camera and click it! It indeed is challenging. The best photography books of all times can help you inculcate this skill within weeks.


  • The insect eye view


photography skills


As a child, we all thought of how we would be looking to the ants’ eyes. Though we aren’t any hippies, for the ants we surely are. Getting inspired by the same childhood thought, many photographers today, are creating wonders. Clicking the not too large objects like tulip flowers or tree branches from the bottom, make them look really gigantic and differently beautiful. With the use of selective photo products, you can make your photography finer and more appealing.


With this, you can also do some research to find good photography books that shall give you a good, long list of photography ideas; there you can try using different point of views.


Dear photographer friends, like there is a phenomenon called a Writer’s block, there sometimes can be a photographer’s block too! If you are facing one, why not try the above-mentioned point of views to add some spice to your photography!


Cheers to your already brilliant photography skills!


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