How To Take Great Looking Vacation Photos

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  • 8 Apr 2020

    So many of us claim to be great photographers nowadays, thanks to our smartphones. Especially when we go on vacations. Capturing those wonderful holiday moments on camera is one of the first things we dream of. And why not? After all, there is no better way of cherishing the beautiful memories than by clicking dozens of photos to post and look back on. While most of us think we know the basics of photography, there are certain tricks and tips to taking perfect vacation photos, which will make you stand out from the crowd. 


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    Here are some ways in which you can take great looking vacation photos :


    • Use the right light 


    Use the right light | Bulb And Key


    Since photography is painting with light, the quality of the light you take your photos in is very important. Bright sunlight during the day and noon creates harsh shadows while sunsets give out soft tones in the background and make your photos look more natural. While many of us complain of backlight while taking photos, you can actually create interesting silhouettes with backlighting, especially for capturing sceneries and nature.


    • Keep the sun at right angle


    keep the sun | Bulb And Key


    To get the best lighting when you’re photographing people outdoors, make sure that you keep the sun at a right angle to your subject. This way you can avoid those unnecessary shadows and get the best vacation photos.


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    • Try to incorporate colours and shapes


    Try to incorporate colours and shapes | Bulb And Key


    While neutral toned photos are really popular with photographers, taking colourful, natural photos makes them stand out even more. So try to capture objects in their natural colours and shapes. Focus on these details to make your photos more interesting and attractive. 


    • Capture candids 


    Capture candids | Bulb And Key


    Take a break from those planned, posed pictures and instead try taking candid photos of your subject. Candids are such a great way of capturing genuine emotions and they give out a more natural feel to the viewer. 


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    • Avoid the crowd


    Avoid the crowd | Bulb And Key


    Tourist spots are almost always crowded with enthusiastic photographers trying to get the right shots. But have you ever thought of stepping away from the crowd to take your photos? For example, if you want to take a picture of that famous sculpture standing in front of you, then step away and take photos from different, unexplored angles of it, so that you get some unique vacation photos and a different perspective than what the rest of the people have got. 


    • Use different angles 


    Use different angles | Bulb And Key


    Depending on your subject, you can use a high or a low angle to get that perfect photograph. Just keep experimenting with different angles till you get it right. This will ensure you have the best vacation photos.


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