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"There are things so deep and complex that only intuition can reach it in our stage of development as human beings. "

- John Astin


A great way to market your photography is by getting it published. It also gives you a chance to project different amidst your competition. Seeing the photos you have worked on, on a screen is great, but seeing the same photo in a magazine, to see it printed, will give you distinct, real sense of pleasure & contentment. The most important thing to keep in mind is to make sure you’re minimizing the work load of the editor; by supplying a complete story in a set of photos. It’s all you & your hardwork.




Brand Voice

  • Certainly acknowledgment is entertaining, nevertheless, before you make ‘getting published’ your end all goal in life, you need to understand and explain why you want to be in that position.


  • Concentrate on Brand Voice: All kinds of exposure have an influence on your brand; it could be positive or negative. Your work is finely intensified when it gets published by a blog or a magazine, especially if your values line up with your brand vision.


What Motivates You? – There could be various reasons like:

  1. Engage with perfect clients
  2. Raise your influence & character
  3. Obtain identification within the photography community
  4. Extend to a wide spectatorship


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Every photography category or technique doesn’t gel with any publication. Various publications have their own favored post-production approach; these publications want to publish photos that suit their brand’s appearance and experience.


It is important to keep a few things in mind before heading out to a publisher. First and foremost, make sure your styles & ideas are in the same range. Maybe some publications choose black & white images over others, or they like the idea of fresh & vivid. Various publications have different focal points; some may focus on moments or memories, some on portraits, and others just pure detail.






Attract to your target audience & client by attentively selecting & designing the photographs you submit. For example, most blogs in the weeding sector expect a dozen shots to be clicked, whereas a lifestyle magazine would want photo-journalistic images that focus on people. Both characteristics can be an advantage to your business bearing in mind the audience matches your target demographic. Below are a few tips on how to submit your photograph. Always be mindful during submissions.


  • Various magazines & blogs are cautious of submissions from private sellers, mainly because of possible copyright issues. Therefore, you have an upper hand since you are a photographer by profession.
  • Make sure to edit your pictures. If you’re editing skills aren’t up to mark you can always refer to the internet for better inputs.
  • Keep your photos contemporary & genuine. Magazines & websites need to keep pace with the newest trends.
  • Do not submit black & white photos. You could look over trending colors tones & palettes.
  • Check if everything is tagged, as well as your contact & name. Also make sure there are no watermarks.






You will see yourself make an attempt, and then a few more, followed by a few more, but you clearly won’t get published. You also so know this isn’t endgame, so what you could still focus on is amplifying your exposure. Maybe you have a dream magazine, where you want to see your pictures printed.


You could get started off with these ideas:

  • Begin with your Neighborhood – Regional & local blogs & magazines don’t exactly provide grants, but national publications on the other hand go have a big budget, this will it more comfortable while acquiring editorial pick-ups.
  • Move onto Blogs – Blogs are improved & updated regularly, therefore they require more content. The chances of you getting your photos published online are very high.
  • Consider Writing – A writer-cum-photographer is a great asset for publications that work on a small scale. Also, everyone loves reading the back story to a photo. Just a bunch of photos isn’t always engaging enough for magazine.
  • Social Media – After you’ve been published (congratulations a little in advance), post your photos & share your experiences on your blog, Pinterest, Twitter & Facebook. For national publications, write down a press release and provide it to outlets in your neighborhood.


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This is an important factor on your journey to getting published. It keeps you away from making crucial errors by creating an understandable & truthful communication flow between your client & yourself. A few photo editors might just give you insight on why your photos didn’t get published.




content in the magazine


Two important things that you must not forget, first, the caliber of the photos has to be superb. Second, the photos need to apply to the content in the magazine.

  1. It’s hard to be impartial about your photos sometimes, so don’t hesitate to ask for a second opinion, even a third if needed.
  2. If your photos are presentable, THEY WILL get published.
  3. Do not send them irrelevant pictures a week later; it won’t matter if they’re good enough if the magazine has just written an article on that topic because chances are they won’t readdress the same topic for another year at least.
  4. Luck & times are very crucial aspects of this industry.
  5. You need to have the determination and grip the fact that this is a deep-rooted game, blended with quality & technique. If you’ve understood this sooner or later you’ll get published.






There are so many ways to see your photos where you want to see them and so many lessons to be learned along the way. It’s important to be professional. If you have given your word to complete a project, you need to complete that project and give it your best. The opportunities available over the internet are I dozens. Anyone can start their website today, and you definitely should! Furthermore, do not forget to edit your photos; you only want to put up the best of the lot.




business relationship


Never be nervous while asking for money. Most of the time magazines have fixed rates and chances are you will fail at negotiating. Honestly, that’s ok, it won’t exalt make you cash-rich but on the brighter side, you will yourself heading towards an honest & durable business relationship. Photography magazines have an unquenchable thirst for to the point, polished images


Your long-term relationship is only leading the way to long-term benefits as well.






There could be various reasons & possibilities as to why you haven’t got a response, some of which could be:

  • Maybe, just maybe your efforts didn’t pay off, you’re working isn’t top-notch.
  • You sent a food editor some human portraits.
  • Deadlines are crucial: chances are you sent in the mail way past the target date.
  • The email you sent wasn’t professional enough, or it was full of grammatical & punctuation errors.
  • It’s been a busy week and they just didn’t get the time to go through their emails.






It is few & far between to get found first by a publisher, so take the first step and contact them directly. Find the right person and the right email address to contact. It is okay not to hear from the party for a few weeks, a brief reminder should do the job. What you must master is the art of patience.


First impressions are equally important as the quality of your pictures. Similarly, you need to charm them with your words as well as your clicks. I would suggest starting to develop your email writing skills, curating a wonderful email. Do not let laziness get the best of you, avoid abbreviations. Humans need instant gratification, many have buried the fact that things take hard work & time, so make sure your email communicates the fact that you research & work harder than the rest


A few more tips would include:

  • Address your client by their name. It isn’t very welcoming to abbreviate names either.
  • Be well-mannered & humble of their time.
  • Grasp the gist of the magazine and nail the detailing in your content & images.
  • Add samples or links to your previous work along with necessary documentation.
  • Make it full proof. Be sure that it is 100% relevant. Revise your work.


When you’re a photographer, I feel the best feeling in the world is opening a magazine and seeing the pictures you clicked printed in there. Be realistic, you aren’t the only one to get published, there is competition everywhere.

There will be times when ideas won’t work, but the photographer in you will prove you wrong. There is always a way to reveal a captivating story. Stay on a constant road, building your portfolio as you go, and eventually, you just might be found. Your task truly begins after you have clicked your images.


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