Comparison of Photograph Print Sizes

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You must understand the importance of the print paper and the different print sizes. If you have prior knowledge about these photo sizes, your photos would not be pixelated or enlarged unnecessarily.

It’s necessary to know about the print paper sizes for photo enlargements orders without distorting the quality.

Continue to read ahead of the different comparisons between the available modern photograph sizes, which you depend on for the future photo printing needs.


Standard Photo Size


These standard photo sizes relate to the most common sizes people demand or want to have in their gallery. Most photos are also printed on the paper with these sizes.

Such size examples are:

  • 10×13
  • 20×24
  • 8×10
  • 20×30
  • 10×20
  • 4×6
  • 11×14
  • 16×20
  • 5×7


Most of the latest digital cameras have an image ratio of 3:2, displayed in their viewfinder. It merely means that the width equates to 1.5 times of the actual height of the viewfinder.

That’s why most people now order pictures from their photographers to be of 4×6 size print size. This measurement is best for the landscape or horizontal manner.

Whereas a 2:3 ratio image is best for portraits or the vertical orientation. To know more in detail about these two, here’s the explanation:


Cropped 3:2 ratio for the approximate picture sizes


At times, when wanting to have the standard pictures, the 3:2 ratio is not enough. It needs to be cropped further for the crystal-clear quality.


4×6 photo size to be the full-frame


You must know that 4×6 has a seemingly different ratio than the other pictures with 5×7 or 8×10 size. Where 5×7 has 3.5 is to 2.5 ratio, 8×10 has 5 is to 4 ratio. However, both the frames would give you the final result of the image, which has been cropped from the longest side once or twice.

That’s not the same case when we talk about the photo processing of the 4×6 frame.


Shoot Wide Photographs


The photographers shoot a wide expanse of the picture in one scene. The photo resolution of this image is quite high from any digital camera. These images are sharp.

These wide shot pictures are taken in perspective to be cropped as and when the requirement of the different photograph sizes occurs from anyone like clients, friends, family, or anyone else.

Shooting wide scenes is the most important factor to deal with while cropping the images as per the frame size and the aspect ratio.

When professional photographers already have a panoramic or landscape view of the scene, they can take hundreds of photo prints through the photo labs.

However, at the same time, it’s difficult and non-professional to fit the entire scenery in the standard photo size, that is, 4×6. It’s already a given fact when it comes to photography that landscape, panoramic, or 360 degrees views are the best for portraying the wide display.

Also, it’s to note for the professional photographers at the beginner’s level that you must know the focus point of the wide shoot through the viewfinder in your digital camera.

This will avoid the image quality from getting pixelated when you need to crop it down further to other picture sizes like 5×7, 11×14, or even 8×10.


The Aspect Ratio


It’s often larger than the viewfinder ratio of your digital camera. It allows you to capture more scenes in the photograph than what your viewfinder shows you. This could be advantageous for you when you want to edit the pictures in the photo labs further.

The Aspect Ratio is the best play around when you have a set image in your mind that you want to edit or enlarge.

All your photo enlargements are done smoothly when you can easily get more scenes than you had expected. This will avoid the pictures to get more pixelated when you are getting them ready for the final print.


What’s The Best Image To Put Up On Your Instagram?



Instagram accepts any image that has 1080 into 1080 pixels size. But you should get your square photo between 320×320 to 1080×1080 for the best experience in putting a visible image on your Instagram profile.

For portrait images on Instagram, take care of the photo enlargement sizes beforehand and keep them around 1080×1350.

As far as your latest landscape photos go by, you can try 1080×608 pixels on your Instagram handle.


What Are The Photo Sizes For Your Facebook Account?


Facebook has options for uploading an image on Display Picture, Cover Photo, and Timeline.

The Cover photo needs to be 1640×720 in pixels. The Display picture is tested to be around 172×172 pixels.

As far as the Timeline photos’ right picture sizes are considered, they need to be around 500 pixels horizontally and 750 pixels vertically.

What’s The Best Image Size For Pinterest?

It’s simple to edit the pictures in your photo labs as the aspect ratio of these Pinterest images is only around 3×4 or 2×3 – closer to the standard photo size.


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