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7 Steps To Beautiful Apparel Product Photography


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"There is one thing you have got to learn about our movement. Three people are better than no people. "

- Fannie Hamer


Are you planning commercial photography for beautiful apparel? Whether you are shooting for a social media or an e-commerce store, your photographs will set the pitch for your business. The customer will be able to make a decision based on your photography. 


Apparel photography is more than point and click. Professional photographers spend hours on the process and post-production image editing before publishing online. 


But, if you have an eye for photography, you must follow these seven steps for the beautiful apparel photography- 


1. Prepare your garment well 


Preparaion of apparel photography


Preparing garments for apparel photography is the first crucial step.


Unfortunately, the cloth can become crumpled, crimped, and begin to look old due to storage and transport. Hence, you must make sure that clothes are ironed well. 


Although many photographers skip this step and rely on editing software to fix the flaws, it is advised not to do so. Try to capture the garment in a perfect state and use an editing software for the final touch. 


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2. Set up your space


spacce for photography


Well, you can turn any room into a professional photography studio.

With a shoestring, camera, tripod, white paper, duct tape, and natural light, you are good to go.


3. Bright lightning 


bright light


Do not make your apparel photography lighting dingy and underexposed. It is suggested to make sure that lighting highlights the color and design accurately. 


Allow customers to appreciate the unique aspects of your garments. Place one light source at a 45-degree angle to the product, so that product lighting is soft and smooth throughout the photography background. Keep your camera in front of your apparel.


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4. Style on a mannequin or model 


mannequin photography


The best way to demonstrate clothing photography at home is to also encourage customers to visualize themselves wearing it.


Take your time to style your apparel on a mannequin. Besides, if you feel mannequin is nog the best technique, you can make it invisible in post-production processing.


5. Set-up your camera 


camera settings


If your camera settings are not in place, then no photographer will be able to make your images look appealing.

Hence, while setting up your camera, make sure –


– ISO is no higher than 600-640.

– Aperture (represented by f-number) is for control focus. Set your aperture unit higher than f/11.

– Set your white balance according to the light source that you are using.

You can use Nikon D7200 for professional product photography setup. It is the best camera for product photography in 2020. 


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6. Shoot 


product shoot


You can now start clicking photographs by directing your camera at the subject and allowing your camera to focus.


Shoot as many pictures as possible from all angles. It will be better if you shoot more. By the end, your customers will have a lot of images to make a decision.

You will be able to gain customer trust since the product will be backed up by multiple images from different angles.


7. Process of Post Production 


image editing


Once you are done shooting the products, time to prepare your product images for the web.

Well,  the concluding goal of post-production processing is to make your images look as professional as possible while maintaining the best performance.


If you are doing it yourself, make sure that your post-production processes are aligned, cropping, background removal, and color collection maintain a professional appearance. It is crucial to keep a record of your processes so that you can set some standard for next time; while shooting and editing.


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While doing all this yourself is a big challenge. It won’t be perfect initially, but that’s ok. The goal should be to improve with every shoot and to take the best possible product images.


Better images mean more sales and more opportunity for people to see your product.

To take beautiful apparel photography, you must follow the above seven steps. Prepare your product builders’ studio position on the lightning style of your products at your camera shoot and make your images perfect in post-production processing.


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