6 Secrets to Win a Photography Competition

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“Photography is an art of observation. It’s about finding something interesting in an ordinary place…It has little to do with the things you see and everything to do with the way you see them.”


Photography is indeed an art. The ability to preserve a moment, selecting the right angle, settings, point of view could be very subjective and Photography Competitions are a good way to be exposed to different perspectives for taking photos.


Taking part in a photography competition will help you understand where your photo skills stand compared to others who have followed the exact same rules. A critical eye from the judges can also motivate you to bring out your best game.

To win a photography competition, it is not necessary for you to be a pro, or have the most expensive gear. Anyone who has the ability to tell a story and fit in the theme of the competition in the most effective way can win.

Here are 6 tricks you can follow to help you win the photography competition for beginners –


1) Go through the Rules


Go through the Rules


The rules will give you guidelines about the competition. Read them, and read them again till you understand every word of it. The rules give out what is exactly expected of you. The registration process, the criteria to get selected, the submission date, theme of the competition, along with a creative brief is provided. The brief is extremely vital. The more precisely you stick to the brief, the higher are your chances to win.


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2) Do Your Research




Before you pick up your camera and go to click your winning photo, it is important to do extensive research.


Start by viewing the winning photos over the previous years of the competition you have enrolled in. Note down the key points you think were similar in all the photos. You can incorporate the learnings into your photo.


Read through the judge’s profile and go through their work. This can help you understand what kind of pictures might appeal to the judges.


Go through other photography platforms online and find photos that fit the theme. You can use them as inspirations.


Investing time in research will expose you to different kinds of photography, will inspire you with new ideas, and will also help give clarity on how to approach your photo.


3) POP Principle- Plan. Organize. Produce.


Plan. Organize. Produce.




Before you go out to click your photo, you should plan out everything to the T.


Figure out the location, the lighting, and the equipment needed in advance before heading out to take your picture. We suggest visiting the location twice if possible before going for the final click.




Organize your equipment. If you are using your camera, make sure the batteries are charged, carry an extra SD card, take a hard drive, and laptop for backup. If the theme provided requires a model, keep their props, outfit ready for the final day shoot.




Once you have planned and organized everything, you are ready to go out and produce an award-winning photo. As everything is planned and organized beforehand. This step is all about the execution.


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4) Storytelling




Storytelling is one of the very important aspects one must consider before clicking a photo. Be it a competition of landscape photography, portrait photography, or even abstract photography, a story in a picture has an ability to evoke emotions like happiness, solitude, pain, etc. Using storytelling effectively would help the judges connect with your picture even more. A photo without a thought or a story could be very pointless.


5) Be Technically Sound


 Technically Sound


While taking your photo, it’s okay not to have the best of the equipment, but be sure you make the best use of the things available to you. You can use a tripod/ stabilizer to avoid shaky pictures.


Make sure the positioning and timing of the photo are in sync with what you wish to portray. But, don’t feel obligated to follow or be stressed about all the rules. You are an artist, and you can add your imaginative feel and show off your style through your photograph.


6) Post – Production


Post – Production


By following the earlier steps, you are now ready with a photo or multiple ones you like. But just clicking the photo is not the last step. Post-production starts when you are done with your photography process.  You should select your top 3/5 photos and get ready to make it perfect. Post Production includes color correction, cropping out unnecessary things you might have missed while taking the picture, or adding effects. You can use industry-standard software like Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Lightroom. But you can also use any free software available online like Pixlr, Lightroom on IOS, Photofox, etc. This process will make your photo look professional and flawless.


While enrolling for a photography competition, keep in mind to read the disclaimers well. Sometimes photo competitions say that the submitted photos will be owned by the organizers’ post submission. You might lose rights to your own photograph and the organizers could sell your photos for their personal profits. Hence make sure the competition you have enrolled for is credible.


We are sure your handwork, imagination, and efforts will pay off by you winning the completion. All the Best, get clicking !!


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