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Every bride has a dream wedding in mind – from the location and decoration to the various pre-wedding celebrations there’s a lot that goes into the perfect wedding. But nothing is quite as important as her wedding dress and jewellery that compliments the overall look. Here you can find some of the most stunning and necessary jewellery sets that any bride would love : 


1) Necklace 




The centre of any wedding jewellery set is the necklace, which comes in a few variations to suit your traditions, dress, budget and preference. 


  • Choker :


Choker necklace


Giving your wedding outfit a royal look, chokers which began as a staple in party wear has become quite the trend in wedding ensembles as well.  Choker necklaces are simple yet elegant and come in various styles.


  • Rani Haar :


Rani Haar :


Usually long with a single string or multiple, rani haars in accordance with its name gives off a royal, elegant vibe particularly when layered with another necklace such as a choker. Rani haars gained popularity years ago with designer brand Sabyasachi’s penchant for dressing models in it, but has now become a vital part of any wedding jewellery set. 


  •  Aadh Necklace :


Aadh Necklace


This style of necklace starts with a choker -which is usually a block of gold with Meenakari designs at the back – going to end with strings of triangles which covers almost the entire neckline thus gives a very traditional but regal look that particularly suits Rajasthani brides. 


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  • 2) Earrings 




 If necklaces are the centre of your wedding look, then earrings are the frills that transform the entire look from simple to grand in an instant. Earrings in particular come in a wide range of choices which can be mixed and matched with different outfits and necklaces. Every bride has a huge collection of earrings to pick from but some of the most common types of earrings are : 


  • Jhumka :


Jhumka :


These are classic Indian-design earrings that traditional yet versatile. Available as plain bands or diamond studs, the chandelier-shaped variant is most popular these days. In additions, jhumkas can also be bought as a set along with a matching neckpiece. 


  • Hoops :


Hoops :


From trendy to timeless, you can never go wrong with a pair of hoop earrings. These earrings can be anything from statement pieces with funky tassels for the experimental bride or a classic diamond studded hoops for the elegant, minimalist bride. 


  • Ear Cuffs:


Ear Cuffs:


Speaking of experimental, bridal jewellery has recently evolved to include ear cuffs into their sets. Ranging from completely bedazzled to simple gold cuffs, there are several choices of ear cuffs for you to pick from to represent either your heritage and traditions or simply jazz up your final look. 


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  • 3) Bangles and bracelets 


3) Bangles and bracelets 


Bangles are a traditional part of weddings in India. Typically made of precious metals like gold and silver or plated gold, you can also find wedding bangles with studded with diamonds or other gem stones or even those made of glass, wood, plastic, ivory etc. Overall, bangles and bracelets are not only part of tradition but also compliment the beautiful henna on the bride’s palms and arms.


  • 4) Armlets 


4) Armlets 


While we’re on the topic of arms, the baaju band or armlet needs to be mentioned. Worn a little above your elbow, this is an intricate piece of jewellery with an ancient history behind it. Armlets are not a vital part of a wedding ensemble, but it does add some character to your look. 


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  • 5) Anklets 




If you’re adorning your hands, then of course your feet can’t be missed out. Elegant and stunning, anklets are usually crafted in silver metal and boast a delicate design with small, metallic bells dangling from the chain that rests around your ankle making a melodious tinkling sound as the bride moves. 


  • 6) Rings 


6) Rings 


Whether on your fingers, toes or your nose, rings allow you to express your personal style. You can use statement finger rings, simple toe rings and beautiful nose rings to complete your ensemble and add an extra bit of charm to your overall look.


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  • 7) Head and hair accessories 


7) Head and hair accessories 


A special hair accessory called the maang teeka is particularly important to Hindu brides. A maang teeka is a small chain worn on the head at the centre parting of the hair where one end of the maang teeka is hooked to the hair, and the other end is a beautiful pendant which dangles on the forehead. Overall the look and significance of it is very traditional. 


If you’ve got the front of your head covered, why not choose to add some style to the back with a hair wreath. Available in various styles and patterns, hair wreaths are not traditional but they are a very good addition that makes your wedding hair even more stylish. 


  • 8) Belts 




Traditionally known as kamarbands, these elaborate belts made using the coins and beads are worn on the waist to add a delicate grace to your wedding look. 


With these few simple yet stunning pieces of jewellery, you’ll have the bridal set of your fantasies which will surely be the talk of the town for eons to come. 


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