Types of stones used in Jewellery Making

Ayesha Mude

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"Knowledge rests not upon truth alone, but upon error also. "

- Carl Jung


Jewellery plays a big part in spicing up your wardrobe, it adds a different spin and a great touch of style to your outfit; be it casual, traditional or even formal. But traditional gold and silver jewellery is expensive. This is where artificial jewellery comes in, it is a sure-fire way to look great without making big dents in your pocket.


The biggest and most trendy component used in jewellery nowadays are stones; they add a regal finish and give a spark and unique quality to your entire piece.


For beginners who want to start off small, you can opt for using imitation stones that are not as expensive as they look, these stones are usually made from synthetic materials, specially made to look like the real thing.


One very popular stone substitute that is used in making artificial jewellery is Cubic Zirconia. The material is synthesized, hard and colourless in its original form, but it can also be made available in a variety of different colours, this is done by adding different dyes of colour to it, the process can be compared to dyeing cloth


Cubic Zirconia, in its colourless form, can be a cheap substitute for a diamond as it looks just like a Diamond in hindsight when it has been cut properly.


One more substitute one can use are imitation pearls, made from ceramic, glass or even plastic; they are shaped and then coated with a varnish that gives the manufactured pearls an iridescent glow, similar to the real stone


There are always some semi-precious stones that are very popular amongst customers, now you can either use the naturally occurring form of these types of jewellery stones; if you can afford their cost but if you want to start off with a small budget you can easily get imitated versions of the same. Here is a list of some of the few types of stones in jewellery:




aqua marine


This stone is known for its sea-blue colour, hailing from the Emerald family, its name is derived from Latin meaning seawater. Jewellery that contains the aquamarine stone adds a fresh spin to every look, making it a good option to pair with spring outfits.


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Member of the silicate mineral family, this semi-precious stone is known to contain a spectrum of colours inside it. Its unique appearance makes it a perfect element to add spark to a simple look and give a fun spin to your outfit.


Tanzanite Stone


tanzanite stones


As the name suggests this stone in indigenous to Tanzania and is known for its deep purple colour. Jewellery featuring this stone is sure to add a posh finish to any outfit.


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Rose Quartz Stone


rose gold stone


Known universally as the stone of love, it’s baby-pink colour adds an elegant touch to outfits and is great for gifting to loved ones.






The Garnet stone is known for its bright red colour, the name of the stone is derived from a Latin word that means seedlike referring its resemblance to pomegranate seeds. This is another bright coloured stone that will look great paired with summer outfits.





This stone is known to possess healing qualities in some cultures, known for its light green and opaque colour, the jade stone is another accessory that is a springtime must-have.


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The Amber stone is known to have a warm and honey-like brown colour. It is a perfect accessory for a muted and everyday look.


Turquoise Stone


turquoise stone


Turquoise is one of the oldest stones known to man, often used in the jewellery made for emperor and kings. It is the perfect accessory to give your look a regal touch.


Tiger’s Eye Stone


tiger eye stone


This stone is known for its unique appearance, with bright golden and yellow bands contrasting a deep brown base. Ths stone is a nice accessory when going for a laid back and unique look.


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Labradorite Stone


labradorite stone


The Labrodite Crystal is famously known as the stone of magic. It comes in different colours such as blue, green, purple and grey. The stone displays a nice shine with colours swirled within it. It is a good accessory for a look that incorporates cool colours and with this stone, you will surely look ‘magical’.


Ayesha Mude

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