Types of Earrings every woman


Types of Earrings every woman should have to make a fashion statement

Mrudula Deodhar

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Earrings are a piece of every woman’s heart. With a box full of earrings collection there is always room for new ones because earrings are the must-have on every outfit. But to make a perfect fashion statement it is important to select earrings wisely. Not all earrings go well with all your outfits. Here are the types of earrings every woman should have to make a fashion statement while she wears anything out of her wardrobe!


  • Ear Cuff


Ear Cuff


Ear cuff earrings are a major trend today. They go well with casuals, formals, and even traditional outfits depending upon their design. The cuff earrings for pierced ears not only cover the pierced area of the ear (i.e. ear lobe) but also cover half the ear. They add exceptional beauty to a woman’s look.


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  • Hoop earrings


Hoop earrings


There are moments when women are confused as to what would go well with a particular outfit. That’s when hoop earrings come to their rescue. The hoop earrings come in several colors including oxidized color, silver, and golden. The solid gold hoop earrings look trendy and add a fashion statement. There are various websites online that sell gold hoop earrings for women.


  • Drop earrings


Drop earrings


These types of earrings hang below the ear lobe with an extension. The pearl drop earrings have a pearl on the earlobe and at the end of the extension. Drop earrings come in various forms and attractive designs. Choosing different pearl colors in drop earrings is a good idea.


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  • Jhumka earrings


Jhumka earrings


If your collection doesn’t have traditional jhumka earrings, you have nothing! Yes, that’s so true. Jhumkas are a must-have. May it be a wedding or a common party at your place or a festival, jhumkas add colors to the whole event. They make you look absolutely gorgeous!


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  • Stud earrings


Stud earrings


Stud earrings are super straight forward and sophisticated. Pearl stud earrings are a perfect match with formal outfits. You can also pair sterling silver stud earrings with casual attires and you will be happy with your new look. Without much weight and brightness, the stud earrings are the best to have for every woman.


  • Dangle earrings


Dangle earrings


Apart from artificial metal dangle earrings, the gold long dangle earrings have earned a lot of fandoms in India and abroad. They are created beautifully with eye-catchy designs. Designs with pearls or diamonds with gold also look great. Long dangle rose gold earrings look different from the usual gold dangle earrings and are equally beautiful and trendy.


  • Front and back earrings


Front and back earrings


Front and back pearl earrings became famous in the common masses only in the last few years. Since then the creative minds in the field of fashion have developed more amazing designs in the front-back variety of earrings. front back gold earrings, front back diamond earrings now come in a huge variety and never fail to win women’s hearts!


So, ladies, what’s missing in your collection? What do you wish to add right away? Why wait, do it now and get ready to flaunt with your friends in your next selfie together!

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