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Necklaces have always been one of the most famous forms of jewelry amongst women of all time. May it be, school-going girls, young teenage girls, young fashion enthusiasts or elderly women, beautiful necklaces are everyone’s favorite. If you are a die-hard fan of DIY crafts or want to start a jewelry business, choosing the right string for making the necklaces plays a vital role. Here is a complete guide for you to make the right selection of best string for necklaces. By referring to the following list of string types for necklaces, your question of- ‘how to make jewelry’ will be answered accurately.


  • Silk Thread


Silk Thread


It is a very well-known form of a thread that is usually used for stringing pearls and expensive beads. Because of its classic look and fragile nature, it is considered specifically for beads and pearls that weigh low. However, some strength can be acquired to the silk thread by giving it a knot structure. The knotted colorful silk threads with pearls can be charged at a slightly higher price for its attractive look and considerable life. 


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  • Nylon




It is a best-suited form of thread when it comes to stringing pearls that are slightly heavy. Making necklaces using nylon string is considered feasible because of its easy availability in various colors. It is usually available in long rolls and is cost-effective. Stone bead necklaces look beautiful when strung in Nylon. Another specialty of Nylon thread is that it is not fragile and does not stretch. This gives a longer life to the necklace.


  • Monofilament




It is also called as a Jewellery Thread. It is recommended to be used for stringing low weight beads. It is a stretchy string and hence has a tendency to wear after a span of usage. Considering its average quality, monofilament is to be used while creating necklaces that are to be priced low and that can have low life. Street jewelry is usually made up of this type of string. However, if you are looking forward to creating a necklace to exhibit in a lavish gallery, you may not want to choose this one for sure.


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  • Silamide




It is a form of thread wherein the pre-waxed strands of threads are twisted together. It is considered to be a strong string type for necklaces. Seed beads stringed in this thread is a great jewelry type since ancient times. However, due to its twisted form, it becomes inconvenient to use it with needles. So, silamide is used while creating necklaces without the use of needles. It is available in different colors and is visibly good.


  • Beading Wire


Beading Wire


It is also called as coated wire. It is one of the most recent forms of bead string that is largely made available in the markets. Beading wire is available in various colors and sizes and is a preferred choice for making necklaces of crystals, stone beads, and pearls. By using various bead tools, loose beads can be stringed in beading wire in a very attractive way. It can turn out to be the best selling item in the markets.


  • Leather Cord


Leather Cord


Since it is one of the most sturdy forms of material, it suits well for heavy stones. Though it has a bold look of itself, it is extremely fancy and attractive. Customized bead making is considered for making use of leather cord in necklaces. Also, it is pretty highlighting that the leather cords need not be covered up while designing necklaces because it gives another segment to the ladies’ fashion!


Though this is a very crisp list for you to begin with your necklace making projects, there still are a large number of string types available out there in the market. All have their own specialties coupled with pros and cons. It is up to your creativity, fashion sense, and most important the purpose as to which string to use where. 


Give a little challenge to your creative brain and there will be a new fashion trend coming up with you!


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