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Most Stunning Jewellery Sets in Bridal Jewellery

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Wedding is one of the biggest days of a girl’s life. A girl is the happiest at her wedding. The smiles are colourful and the eyes are filled with hope. But, do you know what makes her look like a queen? Yes, it is her jewellery of course. Jewellery that matches her different dresses/attires adds most beauty to her look. Here is a collection of the most stunning jewellery sets for brides.


  • Multi-colour gemstone jewellery set


Jewellery Sets in Bridal Jewellery


Absolutely gorgeous! There is hardly any word to describe the beauty of multicoloured stones jewellery. The interesting part of this jewellery is that it goes well with almost all colours of lehengas, sarees and other heavy bridal costumes. A multi-coloured semi-long necklace is a choice every bride should make in her wedding.


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  • Kundan Set


Kundan Set


Most lavish weddings in India in the last few years spotted the Kundan Polki jewellery. One of the most beautiful forms of this set is the multi-layer Kundan necklace. The consecutive layers of the necklace are so beautiful and eye-catchy that it will never lose an opportunity to surprise you. While the layers can go up to eight in number, the 3 layer Kundan necklace is the most popular one. Apart from this, the polki diamond jewellery is also amongst the best-sellers.


  • The chocker set


The chocker set


Chockers have women’s hearts. Right from the traditional chocker necklaces to today’s modern designs of chockers, every piece is pure grace! Chockers with hanging diamonds and gemstones are elegant. But simple gold choker necklaces also win many hearts. They go well with sarees and lehengas and add colours to the bride’s look. The layered crescent necklace suits the chockers set. You can also go with semi-long fancy necklaces as a pair with your chocker sets.


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  • Rani Haar set


Rani Haar set


The rani haar jewellery is a traditional form of jewellery. It’s been in the markets for a few centuries without failure. From the most traditional designs to the modern rani haar new design jewellery it is every bride’s choice of the day for at least one of her attires.


  • Rajasthani Necklace Set


Rajasthani Necklace Set

The Rajasthani necklace designs are traditional. Yet they surprise today’s brides with their astonishing looks. The pearl Rajasthani necklaces come in bright colours with or without hanging danglers or jhumkas. There are Rajasthani necklace design gold patterns as well. They are single coloured or multi-coloured and you can anything that melts your heart or suits your lehenga!


So, what’s your choice on your wedding day? For yourself or for your wife, which one would you choose?


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