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Jewellery Artist Samiya Rashid’s – Interview

Aparna Jaiswal

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“There are days when you go through a rough patch and feel disheartened in life. But you should not give up, its all a part and parcel of the game.” – Samiya Rashid



There is nothing better than be able to pursue your hobby as a profession. A hobby in a way defines your personality. It is very important that the profession you step into should excite you enough because you have to work on it everyday. You have the benefit of taking your hobby as your full-time job as you already have the knowledge of the craft and you get to explore it deeply. 





Samiya always used to make creative things on her own since childhood. She liked watching DIY videos on jewellery and would make it for herself. Later when she got into college, Samiya started making beaded and wire wrapped jewellery. She used to sell them to her friends, relatives and family members. She got popular among them very soon and then thought of starting her own jewellery business. To excel her knowledge about the craft she had done a jewellery designing course. By the end of this course, she was convinced that she should have a jewellery business which she named as B&W(Beaded and Wrapped) and then there was no looking back.



Talking about her first experience in this business, she says, “One of my friends had ordered it for her friends. That was my first paid order. I was so glad that people are actually liking my work. It was a morale-boosting experience.”


“Whenever I get good reviews for my work, I feel on the top of the world. Those are the moments that I cherish the most. There are times when you feel low and think that maybe you are not doing the right thing. But then you recall the good moments and motivate yourself to keep going.”, she says, on sharing her experiences in the jewellery business.





“I really want to expand my business not just in India but internationally. Right now I am little occupied with my studies but as soon as I complete my education, I will spend more time in growing my business.”, she says, when asked about her goals for the business in the coming years.


Samiya likes making beaded bracelets the most. Different types of stones are used in these bracelets and they look really beautiful and classy. These bracelets are always in the trend and signify happiness, good fortune and wisdom.



The advice Samiya would like to give to the budding jewellers is that running a jewellery business is not easy. There is tough competition in the market and people want something unique. If you want to survive here, you should be creative enough to leave your mark among the people or else they will forget you. Also, don’t lose hope and believe in yourself. Just remember patience is the key to success.





Like any other business journey, Samiya too had her share of ups and downs. But she learns from her tough times and never gives up. She believes in being optimistic and not let anything demoralize her in life. 


Creativity is an inbuilt feature of one’s personality. You can’t take it from someone else, you have to keep working on it and eventually, you master your art. – Samiya Rashid




Aparna Jaiswal

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