Jewellery Artist Raveena Sethiya’s – Interview

Raveena Sethiya

  • 5 Sep 2019

    “Always be confident in yourself and believe that you can achieve anything because eventually, you become what you believe.” – Raveena Sethiya



    Raveena has always been a creative mind. She holds a diploma in Interior Designing. But due to some health issues, she didn’t go for any job. She wanted to do something from her home. That’s how she thought of starting her own jewellery business which she named as ‘Vihanas Creations’.


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    She says, “When I started the business, I was not able to reach more people. Then my friends suggested me to go online and promote my business on different social media platforms and that really helped. Now I am getting enough clients through digital media.” 


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    She also expands her knowledge by learning from various social media channels. Social media has literally proved out to be a boon for those who want to learn from home or remote places. 


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    Sharing the experience of her first order, she says, “My first order was of making hand made customized gifts which I got from my cousins.”  After that, she started making hair bow, hair band and hair pin jewellery. She likes making them and finds it really cute. On asking about her favourite jewellery, she says, “She likes making Bow jewellery the most.” Apart from these, she loves making tassel earrings. These earrings look pretty and are trending nowadays.


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    “Practise makes a man perfect” is something Raveena strongly believes in. When you keep on practicing continuously, you automatically become the master of your craft. Also, Raveena makes sure that her customers get the best products and should not have any flaws. Customer satisfaction is the most important thing for her.


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    Raveena is a person who lives her life on her own conditions. She had studied Interior designing but due to some reasons, she could not pursue a career in it. But she doesn’t stop there. She kept on exploring other options that she had interest in and something that she could do from her home. Then she thought of getting into the jewellery business. This journey is not easy for her. But she is learning every day and growing stronger. This is the kind of attitude that you should have to lead your lives.


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    A piece of advice that Raveena would like to give to the budding jewellers is that ‘Never underestimate yourself.’ Everybody is unique in their own way. No one is superior or inferior. The one thing that every person should have is confidence in every situation. With confidence, you can climb greater heights in life.


    Never do things in life to convince others. Always do what you believe in, no matter what others would say. – Raveena Sethiya


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