Jewellery Artist Pratik Jain’s – Interview

Pratik Jain

  • 9 Sep 2019

    “Creativity is the most important thing in jewellery business. Everyday you have to learn something new otherwise you will be left out in the market.” – Pratik Jain


    The happiest moment in a father’s life is witnessing his children to step into his shoes and taking over his empire. Every father or I would say every parent waits for this day in their lives. Nothing gives them more joy than seeing their children achieving great heights. They literally live up for this day.



    Pratik has seen his father’s jewellery business since childhood. But he was not sure whether to get into this business or not. Later when he completed his graduation, he decided to join the business. Also, his father was working alone so he thought of coming on board to help him. Now it’s been a 6 years journey and he has settled very well into this business.



    Pratik’s jewellery business is called Kalp Creations/Kanchan Ornaments. They are the lead manufacturers in Imitation Jewellery. This jewellery is made from glass, coloured stones or plastic beads instead of gold, silver and diamonds.



    He says, “My father is my teacher. I have learnt everything about business from him. He has been into this profession for 15 years. I am fortunate to have him as a mentor in my business journey. No business school teaches you with so much love and patience that your father does.”



    Pratik wishes to expand his business. He wants to promote it on various digital platforms. It will help his business to get a wider reach of audience. According to him, “You should have the proper knowledge of your products and should be able to approach the right people. This plays a very important role in the growth of your business.”



    In any business, in-time delivery and customer satisfaction is of utmost importance. He says, “Sometimes when there is a delay in delivery or customer is not satisfied then it becomes a little stressful. But it’s a part and parcel of the game, you have to deal with it.”


    Pratik says that he likes making Meenakari earrings the most. Meenakari jewellery has always been a part of Indian culture and fashion. This jewellery is never going out of fashion because of its rich look and detailed designs. 



    Pratik got into his family business, his entry was easy but ultimately he has made his own path. His elders guided him but he has done all the hard work and has learnt the craft. This is how it works.


    You may get opportunities easily but what you bring out of them is the real talent. Always strive for excellence in everything you do, no matter what it is. You may hear people telling that you got everything served on your plate and you didn’t work hard. Do answer them with your work not words.



     Don’t ever stop learning and try to become a better version of yourself. – Pratik Jain


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